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DOWNLOAD A PDF HERE BELOW; TOP 42 OPPORTUNITIES - Grants - scholarships - Funding and Fellowships, Weekly Opportunities Summary from YOA

#1 Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) programme 2023

Applications for African Scholars programme 2023 are currently open. Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) is an intensive academic and enrichment program designed for African secondary school students planning to pursue tertiary education and who wish to make meaningful impact as young leaders on the continent.

#2 Freelance writers for long-term blogging projects 

WeWriteBlogPosts is looking for freelance writers for long-term blogging projects

Location: Far-off (Anywhere)

Type of Work: Freelance

Category: Article/Blog Writing

#3 Echidna Global Scholars Visiting Fellowship 2023($22,500 USD in stipend) 

Apply now for the Echidna Global Scholars Visiting Fellowship 2023. The Echidna Global Scholars Program at the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings seeks to catalyze and amplify the impact of local leaders working to advance gender equality in and through education across the Global South.

#3 Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) Women’s Economic Justice Dual Track Training-Africa 2022 

Applications open for the Women’s Economic Justice Dual Track Training-Africa 2022

Women’s economic justice is a key part of achieving an economy that works for everyone, not just a fortunate few. To advance gender justice in the global economy it is critical to inform national and global narratives on re-envisioning the economy by bringing women’s rights and gender justice to the centre of efforts to achieve economic recovery and prosperity.

#4 Ocean Data Challenge for Start-ups and Social Enterprises 

Startups and social enterprises are encouraged to participate in this challenge. If they can demonstrate how ocean data applications may help to advance ocean conservation and the sustainable blue economy.

#5 IREX Community Solutions Program for 2023 

Application instructions for the Community Solutions Program for 2023

Applications will be accepted between Wednesday, October 5, 2022, and Wednesday, October 5, 2023 for the Community Solutions Program year 2023–2024.

For individuals working to better their communities by addressing challenges connected to the environment, peace and conflict resolution, transparency and accountability, and women and gender, the Community Solutions Program (CSP) is a year-long professional leadership development program.

#6 Bank Of Africa Uganda Graduate Recruitment Program 

Are you a recent graduate interested in a career in banking? We would like to help you be the best you can be


Sales Executive opportunity; where the best performers will be eligible for permanent recruitment in any of the bank’s various departments

#7 ASHOKA Prudential Emerging Visionaries Programme 

Prudential Emerging Visionaries applications are now being accepted! (ASHOKA Prudential Emerging Visionaries Programme)

Deadline: November 3, 2022

Do you have a desire to better your neighborhood and the entire world? Do you see opportunity when others only see problems?

#8 The Kelley African Venture Business Competition 2022: Call for Applications (up to $5,000) 

Kelley African Venture Business Competition 2022: Call for Applications (up to $5,000)

The Kelley African Venture Business Competition 2022 is now accepting applications. Here is how to use:

DEADLINE: 21st of October 2022

For the Kelley African Venture Business Competition 2022, applications are being accepted. The Africa Business Club at Kelley Business School hosts the African Venture Business Competition as a part of their celebration of Africa Week

#9 Women Innovators in WASH incubation program 2022 

Apply now for the Women Innovators in WASH incubation program 2022. The”Women Innovators in WASH” is an incubation program aiming to support women entrepreneurs in Africa and Latin America with an innovative business project in the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors. The Women Innovators in WASH Incubation Program’s overall goal is to sustainably improve access to safe and affordable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) products and services for communities living in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa as well as Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

#10 Africa Matters Innitiative (AMI) ShE is Empowered Development Programme 2023 

Deadline: 6th November 2022

Africa Matters Innitiative (AMI) currently welcoming applications for the 2023 ShE is Empowered Development Programme. A one-year, non-residential, online development program for young African women and girls focused on leadership, soft skills development, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, African feminisms, and mentorship.

#11 Africa Matter Ambassador Program (AMAP) 2023 

Apply now for the Africa Matter Ambassador Program (AMAP) 2023 to become your community’s next change-maker. AMI will provide data to successful applicants to attend the online sessions and seed funding to assist with the execution of community engagement projects. However, if the cost of a project exceeds the amount of seed funding, the program participant required to fundraise the remaining amount. Tips and advice on fundraising will be shared during the program.

#12 EMERGE Program for African Women-Led Businesses by USAID and the African Management Institute 

EMERGE Program for African Women-Led Businesses by USAID and the African Management Institute

#13 Yves Rocher Foundation Terre de Femmes International Award 2023 ( €10,000 in funding) 

*Are you a grown woman (or a group of women) who is passionate about protecting wetlands?

Does your project include local communities and have a significant social and environmental impact?

Are you an association, foundation, or non-profit organization?*



a person must be 42 years old or younger (born on or after January 1, 1980);

a citizen and resident of an African nation having a track record of civic participation and leadership;

Advanced education or professional certifications, independent work, examples of demonstrated ingenuity and entrepreneurship, etc.—a PhD is not always necessary;

All STEM subjects, including the basic sciences, health sciences, and social science fields, are encouraged to submit applications;

outstanding writing and critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to work well in a team context;

Apply now:

#15 Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) Resilience Fellowship 2023 

Apply to be part of the resilience Fellowship: Funding available.

Eligibility: A total of 10 Fellows will be chosen for the 2023 academic year.

The following professions are required of applicants: journalism and media; activism; advocacy and community mobilization; the creative arts (writers, artists, filmmakers, and others); community leaders (religious, cultural, youth leaders); academia (researchers, consultants, and scholars); human rights practitioners working directly with affected communities; and the public sector (policymakers). If an applicant’s work is pertinent to the goals and annual subject of the Fellowship, people from other disciplines may be taken into consideration.

#16 YLEAD Virtual Fellowship Program 

The YLEAD program is open to all ambitious young leaders around the world who may be in school, recently graduated, or unemployed youth between the ages of 15 and 30.

Age requirement for interested parties: 15 to 30 years.

Demonstrate an interest in picking up new skills and engage in group activities

reach 75% of the training program’s attendance goals.

Show decent manners and a willingness to engage with those from diverse backgrounds, tribes, and religions

should be enthusiastic about learning digital skills and volunteering.

#17 The Next-Gen Campus Reporter Awards 

The Next-Gen Campus Reporter Awards will highlight the work of undergraduate student journalists who have expertly covered news of current events on and off campus at a number of Nigerian universities

#18 Application for Google’s 2023 EMEA Internships 

Application for Google’s 2023 EMEA Internships is Now Available October 13, 2022

Google Summer Internship applications are currently being accepted for 2023.

All current or recently graduated university students from all around Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are eligible for this Google Internship, which is fully financed.

#19 Program Coordinator – Head of Program Office in Mozambique

Program Coordinator (Head of Program Office in Mozambique), P4 Job Opening Posting Title

Department/Office: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


Posting window is from October 12 to November 10, 2022.

#20 Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2022 for Female Founders 

Apply now for the Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2022. This Camp consists of an immersive technology lab, as well as guidance, education, and support.

They created Apple Entrepreneur Camp with the goal of supporting founders and their organizations as they build the next generation of cutting-edge apps and to form a global network that encourages the pipeline and longevity of underrepresented founders and developers in technology.

#21 Apple Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders 2022 

Apply straight away for the Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2022, a Camp for Black Founders which consists of an immersive technology lab, as well as guidance, education, and support.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp was created with the goal of supporting founders and their organizations as they build the next generation of cutting-edge apps and to form a global network that encourages the pipeline and longevity of underrepresented founders and developers in technology.

#22 Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2022 for Female Founders 

Apply now for the Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2022. This Camp consists of an immersive technology lab, as well as guidance, education, and support.

#23 Wole Soyinka Award 2022 for Investigative Reporting 

The Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ) rewards, promotes and encourages best practices in journalism works from the print, radio, television, photo, online, editorial cartoon broad categories as well as from other special categories which focus on themes ranging from regulatory failures, corruption in the public and corporate spheres, and human rights abuses in the country.

#24 Access Art X Prize 2022/2023 ( $10,000 Grant) 

Applications are now open for the Access ART X Prize. A Prize sponsored by Access Corporation, the parent company of Access Bank.

The Access ART X Prize is an annual award for emerging artists in Africa and its Diaspora the Prize awards early-career artists with opportunities to develop their practices, with the intention of setting them up for the highest levels of success on the global stage.

#25 Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme 2023-2024 

Are you a leader who is dedicated to eradicating inequality? Do you want to gain knowledge from academics, trailblazers, activists, and social change organizations as well as the most recent findings in academia and insider perspectives on inequalities? Considering collaborating with a lifetime worldwide network of peers?

#26 POSSIBLE-Africa Fellowship Program 2023 African Scholars 

The POSSIBLE- Africa Fellowship Programme is a 24 month early postdoctoral (graduated within the last 5-10 years) fellowship opportunity for outstanding African scholars in the Social Sciences & Humanities, who propose research that aims to create evidence to inform sustainable development within the African continent.

#27 AgriPitch Competition 2022 (Up to $40,000 Funding) Call for Applications 

Applications are now being accepted for the 2022 AgriPitch Competition. Applying is as follows:

The African Development Bank’s Enable Youth Program hosts the annual AgriPitch competition as a way to bring together agripreneurs from all over the continent and increase the impact of their initiatives on agriculture and development.

#28 Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships 

In Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda, the Social Scientific Research Council offers fellowships to encourage the completion of doctoral degrees and to advance next-generation social science research. The fellowship fund dissertation research on issues related to development, security, and peace

#29 Early Career Conference Grants 2023 

Participating in conferences can have a significant impact on a young academic’s teaching and research. These gatherings offer the chance to exchange research, discover the most recent advancements in a field of study, and make beneficial professional networks. Researchers discover that they are more knowledgeable and linked to new information that can be spread among coworkers and pupils.

#30 The 2023 WISE Awards Call for Applications is now open! 

All organizations, including colleges, universities, academic networks, school consortiums, community and civil society organizations, governments, international organizations, and private-sector businesses engaged in the education sector are welcome to submit applications or nominations for ongoing or existing educational projects.


We are devoted to enhancing the area of African development potential. The development sector can be strengthened through capacity building, which is especially effective because it fosters the desire for lasting effects.

#32 Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) Call for Proposals 2022 to Accelerate Food Systems Resilience (about US$175 million grants) 

Participate right away in the GAFSP’s Call for Proposals 2022 to Accelerate Food Systems Resilience.

Conflicts, rapidly rising food, energy, and fertilizer prices, natural disasters brought by by climate change, and COVID-19 effects are all contributing factors to the global food security problem that threatens to push millions more people into food poverty.

#33 The Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2023 

For the young of developing and least developed countries, the Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2023 is a fantastic opportunity. Young national and international leaders are drawn to the chance to bring about progressive change in their home nations. Therefore, candidates with great potential, talent, and desire are urged to apply for this program.

#34 Yenching Academy Scholarship of peking University 2023; Full scholarship for masters study in China

Approximately 120 new students from the Chinese Mainland and abroad enroll in the Yenching Academy each year to study, live, and learn together. Around 80% of the student body is made up of international students.

#35 Cascador Programme 2022 for mid-stage African entrepreneurs 

Application for the Cascador Programme 2022 is currently available. Cascador is a revolutionary program for mid-stage African entrepreneurs growing mission-driven businesses – Cascador Programme 2022 for mid-stage African entrepreneurs

They combine one in-person power week in Lagos with six months of mentoring to give your business a major boost. They want you to graduate from the Cascador program as a powerful, transformative leader with a strategic plan for growth and the contacts, assets, and funding needed to carry it out.

#36 The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN): Call for climate and clean energy proposals 

Are you seeking for funding for your clean energy or environmental project or to expand your current company?

#37 UNDP Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) Grants 2022 

Apply now for the UNDP Small Grants Programme 2022. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is welcoming proposals for grant funding under the Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) initiative

#38 Giving Joy Grants 2022 for women entrepreneurs 

Do you want to be the next grant winner? Apply now for the Giving Joy Grants 2022.

Giving joy inspires and strengthens women’s entrepreneurship globally. It supports women in starting or growing their enterprises and initiatives for both their own profit and the benefit of their communities through its mentorship program and microgrants.

#39 World Heritage Futures Lab: Southern and Eastern Africa Edition 2022 

Are you interested in using extended reality (XR) technology like virtual reality or augmented reality to develop new narratives on World Heritage sites in Southern and Eastern Africa? If yes then, Electric South, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) invite you to apply and participate in the new World Heritage Futures Lab: Southern and Eastern Africa Edition.

#40 Submit an Application for the Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio 

This prize honors outstanding radio shows that cater to female listeners. Winning radio shows investigate and promote gender equality, for instance by sharing the thoughts and experiences of women, focusing on issues that are significant to women, or highlighting the contribution of men to gender equality.

#41 Join The UN Youth steering committee for Africa 

The UN Women East and Southern Africa area is searching for 9 volunteers to join the Youth Steering Committee. In order to speed up more thorough intergenerational discussions, knowledge creation, and sharing that will be driven by the 2030 Agenda and Generation Equality Forum. Every three months, the successful members should set aside at least two hours for meetings and consultations.

#42 TechGirls Programme For Young Women 

Apply for the TechGirls Programme For Young Women. Through hands-on skill development training with American technologists.  The TechGirls summer exchange program in the United States encourages and supports young women (aged 15 to 17) from the United States and a few other countries to pursue further education and careers in the STEM disciplines.

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