YOUR OPPORTUNITIES AFRICA PRIVACY POLICY Upholds the privacy of all its Visitors as a number one priority. Your Personal Information is key to us. We value your safety as our Visitors. Below we discuss what kind of personal information that can be received and collected from you and how. REMEMBER NON OF THIS INFORMATION IS REALLY GIVEN OUT TO THIRD PARTIES. Stay assured.


Most of the browsers support cookies and our website too uses cookies. These are small pieces of data that can be used to identify your computer. Some specific cookies such as HTTP cookies are used to identify users and improve their web browsing experience. These web cookies will usually send advertisers on our website like Google AdSense Information that is to say your IP address, Your Internet Service Provider, the browser you are using to visit our website, this is mainly for geotargeting purposes. (If you are in Kampala, they will send you Kampala Promotions or certain ads that serve your interest will show up.) We want to let you know that our website isn’t in any way in control of the advertisers’ cookies.

This Data is collected by Google AdSense Program such as User IP addresses, Browsing Histories, Device Location, website preferences plus device preferences are all collected to improve on the marketing and specifically for the system to know which ads to put Infront of you.

This Data collected is Very safe and securely stored and protected by google AdSense.


Log Files

Like most websites, we collect and use the data contained in the log files that still your IP address, Location, Your Internet Service Provider such as MTN UGANDA, AIRTEL UGANDA, LYCA MOBILE, Plus the browser you use to visit our site. This information enables us to better our services towards you and for you to experience almost no difficulty while browsing our site. The Log files will also contain the device you use while visiting the site, the time, and for how long you stayed on the site.


This Privacy Policy about Google AdSense is provided by YOUR OPPORTUNITIES AFRICA – YOA.


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