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Spread the love to your friendsNote : These Jobs are updated Through out the week … Read more…

Driver Needed at U.S. Mission south africa

Spread the love to your friends Deadline: 11 SEPT 2023 | Driver Needed at U.S. … Read more…

Apply for the Consulate General’s CHEF AND RESIDENCE (CGR) MANAGER job at U.S. Mission Nigeria

Spread the love to your friends Deadline: Ongoing | Apply for the Consulate General’s CHEF … Read more…

Regional PEPFAR Director | USAID/West Africa

Spread the love to your friends Deadline: August 1, 2023 | Regional PEPFAR Director | … Read more…

USAID/Ethiopia – Human Resources Assistant

Spread the love to your friends Title: USAID/Ethiopia – Human Resources Assistant The United States … Read more…

Maintenance Mechanic – Plumbing (Chancery)

Spread the love to your friends  Maintenance Mechanic – Plumbing (Chancery) | Closing July 21, … Read more…

Job: Public Health Specialist-HIV Counseling & Testing CDC

Spread the love to your friends Position Title: Public Health Specialist-HIV Counseling & Testing CDC Opening … Read more…

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Latest U.S. MSSION Jobs2023:


The U.S. Embassy Kampala Human Resources Office welcomes applications for any of our open positions from interested job seekers!. | 15 Job Vacancies Available at US Embassy in Uganda

Message to all job seekers at US Embassy Uganda:

Please be aware that hiring for and choosing applicants for open posts within the U.S. Mission are currently suffering delays due to the restrictions put in place as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Please keep checking this page for news and updates regarding the hiring process for our open positions. We appreciate your interest in employment with the American Mission in Uganda.


  • All Nationalities
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Please be aware that the URL is the only place where the online recruitment service will accept applications. ref=sjbql0tnpt0

Please take note that the link for applying for jobs in the U.S. Embassy has changed to an electronic recruitment application (ERA).

Before the relocation (Immigration) takes place, feel free to register.

  • You must register in order to proceed with the process. After receiving registration confirmation, you can continue with the application.
  • You will get an automated response through email once this process is finished.
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Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about using ERA.

How can I reset my password if I forget it?

  • A: You must select “Forgot Password” and respond to your security questions.

What can I do if I forget my secret answer or repeatedly log out of the system?

  • A: A user can no longer log in after several failed attempts (the default setting is three tries). You must register a new account using a different personal email address in order to log in. Do not wait until your third attempt at logging in ends in failure. After failing to log in twice, you must select “Forgot Password” to go to the secret questions.

Candidates for the position must have a public trust security clearance. Where can I buy it?

  • A background check will be done on the chosen applicant by the regional security officer at the embassy to make sure they have the necessary security clearance for the position. There is now no need to worry about it.

Do I need to submit a CV or resume for any of 15 Job Vacancies Available at US Embassy in Uganda?

  • A: No! A built-in DS-174 called the ERA system doubles as a résumé. Even if you upload one, recruiters won’t take it into consideration since hiring will be based on the information on the DS-174.

Is an SF-50 required to be uploaded?

  • A: The SF-50 is only necessary if you are an American applicant, either an EFM or MOH, who has worked for the US Government in the past.

Is a DD-214 required to be uploaded?

  • The DD-214 is exclusively available to veterans of the United States.

After I register, there are no jobs available for me to apply for. How do I apply for the position that was advertised?

  • A: The “return to vacancy” button can be found in the top right-hand corner of the page. Choose the job you want to apply for by clicking on it.

Do I need to provide all of my supporting documentation or the advertised degree?

  • A: Please upload all of your educational records—including your O and A level grades and any other diplomas or degrees you may hold—in one file under education.

Which language should I choose to fill out an application?

  • A: Applications must be submitted in English by all applicants.
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Can I submit multiple applications at once?

  • A: You can submit applications for as many opportunities as you are qualified for. Even if you weren’t chosen for any previous positions, you can still apply for any open vacancies. There are some limitations, though, so be aware of the following:

Candidate types: Please make sure you are qualified to apply for the position you choose.

  • Qualification Requirements: To be considered for the post, you must fulfill all prerequisites.
  • Required paperwork Various positions could need various supporting documentation. Before submitting your application, please carefully read your application packet.
  • Your qualities for each position should be clearly stated, including your education, employment history, abilities, and job expertise.
  • For instance, if the post calls for both Luganda and English proficiency, you must specify both in your online application.

Can I add or remove supporting papers from my online application?

  • A: Yes, and the deadline for doing so is today. You are unable to make any changes beyond the deadline.

If I don’t want to be taken into consideration for the post I applied for, how do I withdraw my application?

  • A: You can withdraw your application up until the closing date by going to your “Dashboard” and selecting “Withdraw Application” for the position you do not wish to continue applying for. However, if you are unable to access your online application after the deadline, kindly let us know by sending an email to with your name and the position’s vacancy announcement number.

How may I reapply for the job for which I recently withdrew my application?

  • A: Before the position’s application deadline, you may submit another application. Click “Edit Application” for the position you want to reapply for on the “Dashboard” page. Then select “Edit” under “Series, Grade, Location,” click “Reapply” next to “Grade,” and select “Save.”

How soon will I hear from the Embassy regarding a position I apply for?

  • A: Due to the volume of applications, we can only get in touch with those who are chosen for an interview. If you are not contacted within two months after the closing date for each post, kindly presume that the position may have been filled.

How should I sum up my professional background?

  • A: Please read the instructions carefully and complete the questionnaire completely and honestly. If your work responsibilities align with the demands of the position, it is crucial to be clear about them. Work backward from your most recent or present job. If you work intermittently and don’t have a set schedule, you can enter the typical amount of hours you work each week. Your lunch break shouldn’t count against your workday. Include any self-employment, internships, or unpaid work experience you may have had.
See the examples below:
Company Title Type From To Hours/Week
A Admin. Clerk Full Time Jul-16 Current 40 hrs/wk
B Receptionist Full Time May-14 Jun-16 40 hrs/wk
C Operator Full Time Jun-13 Apr-14 48 hrs/wk
D English Tutor Intermittent May-13 Mar-14 6 hrs/wk
E Internship Full Time Jan-13 Jul-13 35 hrs/wk
F Cashier Part Time Jun-12 Jan-13 15 hrs/wk

Q: For certain of my documents, such as a name change certification, there is no uploaded-document list. Where do I send it?

  • A: You can choose “Other” for Document Type, and in Document Description, type “Name change certification” to describe the document.

Candidates for this position must take the English Placement Test (EPT), which is administered by the Embassy. Does the test cost money?

  • A: No. If you are invited to take the English Placement Test (EPT), there is no fee.

If a relative works for the U.S. Mission, are I eligible to seek for a position there?

  • A: Yes, you must specify on your online application whether or not your relatives are employed by the U.S. Mission Uganda, assuming there are no nepotism or conflict of interest issues.

Examples of conflicts of interest or nepotism include:

  • One member of the family or home would be directly or indirectly responsible for the other, receive work assignments, share control of government resources, or collaborate on important choices;
  • One member of the family or household would be expected to work closely with the other on a regular basis or would be required to assign, supervise, or approve the work of the other;
  • A family member is someone who is related to you by marriage or blood, such as your spouse, your parents, your children, your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, first cousins, nephews, and nieces, as well as your in-laws, stepparents, stepmothers, stepsons, stepdaughters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, half-brothers, and half-sisters.
  • A person who dwells with the employee or any other person listed as a family member in the preceding paragraph is referred to as a household member.

Do hiring preferences exist for veterans in the United States?

  • A: No, hiring preference is only given to qualified AEFM/USEFM who are U.S. Veterans. The following will be the hiring preference order:

(1) An AEFM/USEFM who qualifies for a preference


(3) On LWOP with FS

How many times as an AEFM/USEFM who is also a Veteran may I request hiring preference?

  • A: Unless you have a 90-day or longer break in service, you will only have the AEFM/USEFM preference if you apply for another position in the same agency at your post if your Veterans’ preference status was a deciding factor for a current or previously held position in the same agency at the same post (within the same assignment). In other words, if there isn’t a break in service for 90 days or more, only once for the same agency at the same position in the same assignment.

Will it affect my eligibility if I request an AEFM/USEFM Veteran Hiring Preference and am not hired for the position?

  • A: It doesn’t, no. When you accept a job offer, it will be taken into account.

If I’m a Ugandan, will I get paid in US dollars?

  • A: Ordinarily Resident (OR) compensation is given in Ugandan shillings in accordance with the local compensation plan (UGX).

Regular residents include:

  • a local resident who is a citizen of Uganda, another country, or the United States; who is entitled to permanent residency status in Uganda; and who is governed by the tax and employment rules of the host nation.


  • A: Can I apply for any posted position for which I am qualified?

·      Only candidates who fit the “OPEN TO” requirements will be taken into consideration.

Every candidate

  • All qualified candidates who are interested in applying may do so by responding to the job posting.

Only USEFMs: Family Members Eligible for U.S. Citizenship – All Agencies

The following requirements are the only ones accepted for the position opening:
  • For employment reasons, a family member who satisfies all of the following requirements is an appointment eligible family member (AEFM):
  • •U.S. citizen; spouse or same-sex domestic partner of the sponsoring employee (as defined in 3 FAM 1610); or child of the sponsoring employee who is unmarried and at least 18 years old; and listed on the travel orders or approved Form OF-126 of a sponsoring employee, i.e., a direct-hire member of the Foreign Service, Civil Service, or uniformed service who is permanently assigned to or stationed abroad or, as appropriate, at an office
  • U.S. Citizen; Spouse or same-sex domestic partner (as defined in 3 FAM 1610) of the sponsoring employee; or Child of the sponsoring employee who is unmarried and at least 18 years old; and Listed on the travel orders or approved Form OF-126 of a sponsoring employee, i.e., a direct-hire Foreign Service, Civil Service, or uniformed sergeant
  • Important: You must present a travel order proving that your sponsor has been assigned to the U.S. Mission in Uganda. This requirement applies to AEFM, US EFM, EFMs, and MOH.

Only internal candidates: Mission personnel currently employed, USEFMs, EFMs, and MOH – All Agencies

The only candidates eligible for the position are:

  • Current Mission Employees: Any local U.S. Mission Uganda employee who is currently employed through a personnel service agreement (PSA) or a direct hire appointment.
  • the above-described Appointment Eligible Family Member (AEFM).
  • family members who are U.S. citizen eligible as described above (USEFMs).
  • EFMs (Eligible Family Members): An individual who satisfies each of the following requirements is an EFM for employment purposes:
  • U.S. citizen or not; spouse or same-sex domestic partner (as defined in 3 FAM 1610); or child who is not married and under the age of 21 or who, regardless of age, is unable to support themselves; or parent (including stepparents and legally adoptive parents) of employee, spouse, or same-sex domestic partner when such parent is at least 51 percent dependent on the employee for support; or sister (including stepsisters and stepbrothers, or adoptive siblings);
  • MOH: Member of Household A person who joins or travels with a sponsoring employee, also known as a direct hire employee working under Chief of Mission authority, must be a permanent employee of the Foreign Service, Civil Service, or uniformed service stationed abroad at a U.S. mission or an office of the American Institute in Taiwan. A MOH is someone who satisfies the following requirements:
  • Is a parent, grandparent, grandchild, unmarried partner, adult child, foreign born child in the process of being adopted, father, mother, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half-brother, or half-sister who falls outside the Department’s current definition of Eligible Family Member 14 FAM 511.3. A MOH may or may not be a U.S. Citizen.

Important: Travel orders proving that your sponsor has been assigned to the U.S. Mission in Uganda must be submitted by the AEFM, US EFM, EFMs, and MOH.

Please be sure to carefully follow all Instructions. We are unable to reply to specific questions. The address provided by candidates will be used to contact them if they are chosen for interviews.


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