Giving Joy Grants 2022 for women entrepreneurs

Deadline: October 31 2022

Deadline: October 31 2022

Do you want to be the next grant winner? Apply now for the Giving Joy Grants 2022.

Giving joy inspires and strengthens women’s entrepreneurship globally. It supports women in starting or growing their enterprises and initiatives for both their own profit and the benefit of their communities through its mentorship program and microgrants.

Giving Joy awards are one-time, small grants ranging from $250 to $500 that are distributed in installments upon meeting certain requirements. Women from all over the world who are at least 18 years old may apply.


  • Applicants can apply for a grant from any country or state or territory in the world.
  • Women ages 18 and up. 
  • Suggest actions in any industry, profession, or craft. Your company, group, or initiative must, however, put an emphasis on women, girls, and/or families. And everything must be LEGAL!
  • Complete all of the application’s online fields. An incomplete application won’t be taken into account.
  • Suggested grant activities MUST go beyond the financial facets of your company and have a social benefit to your community. The better and higher your chances of getting the grant are, the more social effect you can demonstrate through your idea.
  • Activities involving the purchase of goods, stock, advertisements, or marketing will not receive their assistance.
  • Be as specific as you can, especially when describing how you plan to spend the grant money. Include a detailed list of the activity you will develop, including estimated costs, what the event will include, who the target audience is, and how the event will impact women, girls, and families, for instance, if you plan to use the grant for a community event, a training, scholarships, etc.
  • More so, include qualitative information about the impact of the funding as much as you can (ex. training for 10 women, each woman will train an additional 10 women, ultimately impacting 20 families and 50 children in the community).

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