Join The UN Youth steering committee for Africa

Deadline: October 21, 2022

The UN Women East and Southern Africa area is searching for 9 volunteers to join the Youth Steering Committee. In order to speed up more thorough intergenerational discussions, knowledge creation, and sharing that will be driven by the 2030 Agenda and Generation Equality Forum. Every three months, the successful members should set aside at least two hours for meetings and consultations. (Join The UN Youth steering committee for Africa)

Deadline: October 21, 2022

The following individuals will make up the steering committee:

  • Three groups of diverse young people, including men, women, boys, and girls, between the ages of 15 and 35 (15-24, 25-29,30-35).
  • Young people who have demonstrated success in programs and advocacy efforts relating to gender equality and the involvement of young people in their nations and the region of East and Southern Africa.
  • Youth from the continents of East and Southern Africa
  • Millennials from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, including those from underrepresented groups on various UN platforms and fora.


  • Age: 15–35, with a good representation of those in the 15–24, 25–29, and 30-35 age ranges. The AUC definition of youth serves as the basis for this.
  • ages 15 to 24; three slots
  • Age range: 25–29; three slots
  • three seats for 30-35 years old
  • Every selection cycle, one representative from each age group on the steering committee kept for the institutional memory, and the remaining two members replaced.
  • Three spots set aside for young disabled men and women as part of the “Leaving No One Behind” initiative.
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Knowledge and Training:

  • Must be committed to UN Women’s ideals, especially respect for all women and girls, and possess strong gender awareness.
  • Youth having a history of involvement in programs for youth empowerment and development. That emphasize inclusive economic growth, employment, and entrepreneurship; participation in governance and politics; leadership; or the prevention of violence and other harmful behaviors against women and girls.
  • Should be aware of and involved in development issues that affect young people, as well as have some comprehension of or interest in these concerns. Although it is desirable, SDG knowledge is not a requirement for nomination.
  • Governance, gender equality, and women’s empowerment should be given top priority in interventions in policy and programs.
  • They must be upright people with a solid reputation in their neighborhoods.
  • Young people with a strong desire to improve Africa by collaborating with others to remove various forms of gender inequality and uphold the rights of women and girls to live full lives.
  • Availability: Because this is a volunteer role, chosen candidates must be able to commit at least 2 hours each quarter to consultations and meetings.


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Contact details

Michael Faraday and Brenda Wawaka can be reached.

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