African Development Bank (AfDB) AgriPitch Competition 2022(Up to $140,000 total grant)

Deadline: November 4 2022

Deadline: November 4 2022

Apply now for the AgriPitch Competition 2022.The Competition’s goal is to assist agripreneurs by emphasizing the development of their companies’ bankability and ensuring that they are prepared to make a pitch to potential investors.

Entrepreneurs will receive tailored, interactive coaching and mentoring in a training course for two weeks to review, prepare, and present their enterprises for investor money raising. Entrepreneurs and investors will meet in the virtual AgriPitch DealRoom, after receiving management training, the procedure for engaging investors and their familiarity with topics like:

  • business models, investment/business plans, financial structuring, market
  • needs assessment, business financing, and business pitching.

AgriPitch Competition 2022 Theme: The Role of African Youth Within African Food Systems


  • The 2022 AgriPitch Competition will assist agripreneurs by concentrating on improving the bankability and viability of their companies and making sure they are prepared to make a pitch to potential investors.
  • The AgriPitch Competition encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture among young people in Africa to improve livelihoods and create jobs. It does this by giving young people technical support, developing their skills, and making it easier for them to access financing by virtually bringing together relevant investors interested in new businesses and expanding SMEs.
  • The AgriPitch Dealroom, participation in the virtual bootcamp, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and six months of resource access are all provided to shortlisted SMEs.
  • The overall grant fund for the winning SMEs is $140,000.
Target beneficiaries
  • Youth: Participants in the AgriPitch Competition are young people aged between 18 and 35 that own at least 25% of their business and in leadership and management positions of the business.
  • Early start-ups: Enterprises from ideation stage with proof of concept.
  • Mature start-ups /MSMEs: Enterprises registered with existing market traction.
  • Women-empowered Businesses (WEBs): Firms with at least 51% share of women ownership or founded by a woman and with existing market traction.
Eligibility criteria

Early Start-ups (0-3 years):

  • Meet eligibility criteria for Early Start-ups.
  • individuals who are at the very early stage of developing ideas/concepts for agripreneurship or a newly established business.
  • Must have a clearly defined prototype or proof of concept.
  • May or may not have had any products introduced to the market.
  • May or may not have a registered corporate entity but must have required business licenses.

Mature Start-ups (above 3 years):

  • Individuals and firms with existing market traction: technology, product or service, already in the market.
  • Must have a clear investment ask and growth plan/strategy.
  • Must be a registered corporate entity.

Women-empowered Businesses (WEBs):

  • Meet eligibility requirements for either Early Start-ups or Mature Start-ups
  • Firms that are 51% owned by women or founded by a woman.

To apply, you need these documents

  • National ID card / passport
  • Company registration document
  • Company brochure
  • Summary business plan
  • Business licences
  • Company profile
  • Financial statements
  • Marketing materials
  • Pitch deck

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