Life Lessons

Stories about what it means to be human”. By Nalubowa Assumpta.

As human beings, we always want more. We are always searching for a better life(a more comfortable existence). We are forever trying to break the very boundaries of who we are. That said, it’s never an easy road. We are always at war. With our circumstances, the people around us but mostly our limited nature. It’s always a foggy path. Join Assumpta as she takes you down the road less traveled: The inner world. Join her as she helps you understand your inner-self so that you can sail through the outer world more smoothly.

“You Can Never Be Completely Free Until You’re Free from Yourself” ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

“But What Is Compassion If Not Mindfulness Persevering?” ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

Everything I Know About How to Release Anger, I Learned from My Little Sister” ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

Before You Fight with Your Partner, Ask Yourself This Mindful Question” ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

“Do Not Let Your Mind Lie to You” ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

Master the Art of Involvement without Attachment to Stay Sane as a Content Creator” ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

“4 More Reasons Why It’s Pointless to Listen to People’s Opinions of You”      ~ Assumpta Nalubowa

How “Accept Me the Way I Am” Became the Most Toxic Statement I Ever Heard”      ~ Assumpta Nalubowa


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