Yves Rocher Foundation Terre de Femmes International Award 2023 ( €10,000 in funding)

Deadline: November 30, 2022.

The Terre de Femmes International Award, which was established in 2019, is a global reward with a specific theme. It recognizes fieldwork performed by a woman or a group of women in a non-profit setting.

Application deadline for 2023 is November 30, 2022.

The Terre de Femmes prize, established by Jacques Rocher under the Yves Rocher Foundation in 2001, honors and supports more than 500 environmentalist women globally.

A group of females dedicated to the environment called Terre de Femmes!
We conceived of the “Terre de Femmes International Award” as an award available to all people of the world active in projects with great environmental, social, and societal effects because tomorrow is protected now and because the climate emergency requires all the strongest forces.

We are creating a better tomorrow for both the present and future generations by banding together to support this fantastic environmental journey.

International Terre de Femmes Award 2023
Risky natural regions include wetlands.
Above all, a wetland is a world between land and water. This habitat for several species cleans the air and water, Traps carbon, and controls floods, among many other things.

Plants, insects, and amphibians… Wetlands are home to 40% of all species on the planet.

However, in the last three centuries, 87% of these have vanished from the planet. Because 35% of these areas have vanished during the 1970s, the phenomenon has accelerated. three times as quickly as woods.

Wetlands are in grave danger, and protecting them is necessary to combat climate risks and the loss of biodiversity.

  • Are you a grown woman (or a group of women) who is passionate about protecting wetlands?
  • Does your project include local communities and have a significant social and environmental impact?
  • Are you an association, foundation, or non-profit organization?
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There is a €10,000 Prize.


  • Several subjects that can be discussed include:
  • preservation of the distinctive biodiversity of wetlands
  • Ecological restoration of blue carbon (mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and coastal marshes)
  • Protecting peat bogs and the wildlife that depends on them
  • Efforts to use water sustainably
  • Sanitizing wetlands and rivers
  • Wetlands-based sustainable agricultural initiatives
  • Wetlands integration in urban settings
  • Educating the public and future generations about the need to protect these delicate ecosystems
  • Work managing, protecting, and raising awareness of RAMSAR sites in France or elsewhere
  • Participation in wetlands-related species conservation (flora & fauna)
  • Projects aimed at identifying a location as a wetland and protecting it

The application deadline for 2023 is November 30, 2022.

To Apply and For additional Information about Yves Rocher Foundation Terre de Femmes International Award 2023 Click Here



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