Early Career Conference Grants 2023

Deadline: 28 November, 2022

Participating in conferences can have a significant impact on a young academic’s teaching and research. These gatherings offer the chance to exchange research, discover the most recent advancements in a field of study, and make beneficial professional networks. Researchers discover that they are more knowledgeable and linked to new information that can be spread among coworkers and pupils. Apply for Early Career Conference Grants 2023

Early Career Conference Grants make it possible for more young researchers to take advantage of these worthwhile opportunities, as well as the universities that employ them.

Deadline: 28 November 2022

Both in-person and online conferences are eligible for this year’s funding.

What does the grant cover?  

The scholarships for online conferences cover:

  • Up to £600 GBP is required for conference registration.
  • A data stipend of £50 GBP is available to qualified candidates who lack dependable Wi-Fi access.
  • Free admission to a half-day training course on creating outstanding online presentations
  • Grants for in-person conferences are capped at GBP 2,000 to cover:
  • Cost of attending a conference
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Visa fees
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Travel COVID-19 testing

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates must:

  • Be a lecturer, post-doctoral researcher, professor, associate professor, or an equivalent position hired by an ACU member university. (list of ACU Universities)
  • Except for individuals who have taken career pauses, be no more than seven years removed from the beginning of their academic (research/teaching) career. A career break is a time away from the workforce for personal or professional reasons, such as child care.
  • Since the beginning of their academic careers, they have not previously left their area of employment for professional travel (including conferences).
  • not have received an ACU Early Career Conference Grant in the past (previously known as Early Career Academic Grants)
  • Prior to submitting their funding application, applicants must choose a specific conference.

The conference must occur between April 1, 2023, and September 30, 2023. When choosing conferences, consideration will be given to those held at reputable academic institutions such universities.

In order to ensure that they would be allowed to go to their preferred conference without needing to quarantine, candidates must investigate any border restrictions and COVID-19 vaccine/testing requirements of the nation where the conference is being hosted before submitting their applications.

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Application requirements

The applicant’s application form must include the following:

Give information about their preferred conference and a copy of their abstract.

  • Indicate whether the conference is online or offline (for hybrid conferences applicants must choose whether they wish to attend in-person or virtually).
  • Select the Sustainable Development Goal(s) that best align with their study, and explain how it can help achieve those objectives.
  • Justify your choice of conference and how it relates to your research interests.
  • Describe how attending the conference will advance their professional and career goals?
  • Describe how they plan to spread the information they learned from attending the conference?
  • Send a thorough letter or email of support from the head of the department, addressing the conference’s suitability and the advantages of attending.
  • Give a breakdown of the expenses for which money is requested if the application is for a conference that will be held in person.
  • By October 31, 2023, successful candidates must provide a report on how they used their funding.
How to apply

You’ll need a MyACU account to submit a grant application. You can begin your application right away if you already have an account.

Please create a MyACU account if you don’t already have one. Before beginning your application, you must adhere to the login instructions in the registration email.

25–40 awards are available. The number of applications received in each mode (virtual/in-person) will determine the ultimate number granted.

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