UNDP Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) Grants 2022

Deadline: October 31, 2022

Deadline: October 31, 2022

Apply now for the UNDP Small Grants Programme 2022. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is welcoming proposals for grant funding under the Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) initiative.

Run by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Through the adoption and transmission of cutting-edge locally-led adaptation practices, tools, and technologies, the second call for proposals for small grant funding for the Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) primarily intend to strengthen local climate action and more so speed up the delivery of targets outlined in the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

The AF-EU-UNDP Innovation Small Grant Aggregator Platform (ISGAP) Program is responsible for managing the UNDP-administered AFCIA grant window, which benefits from a separate financial contribution from the European Union. Through a competitive financing process, the ISGAP Program awards grants to applicants. Selected grantees then expected to operate and administer their programs independently with assistance from UNDP.

Categories for grants:
  • US$60,000 – for novel, pilot projects, fresh approaches, cutting-edge technological advancements, and social breakthroughs
  • US$125,000 – for companies with a customer or beneficiary base already in place to scale up or replicate solutions in various places.
  • (UNEP-CTCN) Technical assistance will be provided to developing countries on a competitive basis.
  • A selected application further developed to design a customised solution tailored to the need of developing country, and the solution implemented in the country by a technology provider selected by the CTCN.


  • Grant financing is available to cooperatives, community-based groups, not-for-profit organizations, civil society organizations such as NGOs, corporate member associations and other associations, and associations registered in developing countries .
  • For eligibility organizations locally registered in a developing country. However if in a consortium, the lead organization must be locally registered.
  • Grant funding is open to not-for-profit organizations, civil society organizations including NGOs, Business Member Associations, and other associations, cooperatives, and community-based organizations registered in a developing country.
  • Eligible countries in this funding window include Non-Annex I Parties in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and Caribbean under the UNFCCC that do not have National Implementing Entities (NIEs) accredited with the Adaptation Fund (114 countries in total as of 26 June 2020).
  • Applications submitted using this link here Applications submitted elsewhere not considered.
  • Application should be endorsed by the national focal points to the Adaptation Fund (Designated Authority) and the CTCN (National Designated Entity, NDE) prior to official submission via the programme webpage.
  • (UNDP) Grant funding is provided to applicants on a competitive basis. Selected grantees will operate and manage their projects by themselves with support from UNDP.

For further information on UNDP Small Grants Programme 2022 visit UNDP

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