The 2023 WISE Awards Call for Applications is now open!

Applications Deadline: 1 December, 2022

Six effective and cutting-edge projects that are addressing major educational problems worldwide are honored and promoted annually by The 2023 WISE Awards. More than 4,900 applications from more than 150 nations have been submitted to WISE since 2009. As of right now, 84 projects from a wide range of industries and regions have received awards for their creativity, valuable contributions, and flexibility.

Applications Deadline: 1 December, 2022

These initiatives stand for an expanding pool of knowledge and reliable instructional methods. WISE is creating a community of educational innovators every year that provides a favorable environment for ground-breaking partnerships. The WISE Awards network now includes innovative initiatives that are improving communities and societies.

Assistance and Cooperation

WISE offers various channels of support to winning projects:

Each project that wins a WISE Award will receive US$20,000 as compensation.

WISE Communications: Projects that have received WISE recognition are highlighted on the website. Further, shared on social media, as well as shared with the WISE community.

Multimedia productions: To highlight the work of the winning projects, special documentaries and videos are created.

WISE Books: The WISE Books series examines the problems and potential solutions facing 21st-century education and includes several WISE Awards finalists and winning projects.

The Global Summit and WISE@: During dedicated sessions at the biennial global summit in Doha, Qatar, or WISE regional summits, WISE@, representatives from Award-winning projects are also given the chance to present and discuss their work. Additionally, projects are given the chance to take part in international events planned in association with WISE.

Support for other WISE programs: Former winning project representatives have been involved in other WISE projects through mentoring, selection process participation, and fellowship programs.

Selecting a candidate

Six innovative projects will be recognized, lauded, and promoted during this new cycle of the 2023 WISE Awards for their beneficial contributions to society and education. The Awards celebrate programs that have been determined to be the most innovative and successful in addressing problems with education at any level and in any setting. WISE is creating a network of well-known change-makers to encourage transformation and innovation in education by advancing these models.

Project representatives are encouraged to submit applications to describe the scope and nature of their work. Project nominations are also welcomed. Previous winning projects have used innovation to tackle a variety of issues in education, such as opportunities for lifelong learning, early childhood education, climate action, social emotional learning, and education in emergency contexts, among others.

Who is eligible to submit a project for the WISE Awards?
  • Both applications and nominations are accepted for the 2023 WISE Awards submission process.
  • All organizations, including colleges, universities, academic networks, school consortiums, community and civil society organizations, governments, international organizations, and private-sector businesses engaged in the education sector are welcome to submit applications or nominations for ongoing or existing educational projects.
  • Projects can also be related to any area of education. Including informal learning, distance learning, non-formal education, lifelong learning, vocational training, higher education, and pre-primary, primary, secondary, and tertiary education.
  • The WISE Awards are open to projects from anywhere in the world,and nominations are also accepted.
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Applications must be submitted by a representative involved in the project and must be for original works and projects but, to avoid holding WISE liable for any action or claim from a third party with regard to the project submitted, all applicants should guarantee that their company or they personally created the project.


People outside of the project’s sponsoring organization—such as a beneficiary, a partner organization, a government agency, etc.—can nominate candidates. The nomination form will ask the submitter to identify themselves, though WISE will keep this information private. Similarly, the submitter may or may not ask the project for information to help them complete the nomination form. In contrast, WISE will get in touch with nominated projects if they are selected for the Pre-Jury review.


Anyone who has previously applied for the WISE Awards is eligible to reapply for the same project or one entirely different.


Applications for the 2023 WISE Awards are not accepted from previous WISE Award winners. Additionally, individuals associated with projects and/or activities that have already received WISE Awards are ineligible to submit applications on their own behalf.

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What kinds of projects are we interested in?

The WISE Awards honor inventive educational initiatives that have already shown to have a positive influence on people, communities, and society.

An ongoing, cutting-edge, and effective educational initiative that:

  • Possesses a strong track record of accomplishment
  • Is it financially viable?
  • Possesses a transparent plan outlining the project’s future goals and development
  • Does it scale?
  • Is scalable to other contexts and global regions
  • Has a thorough understanding of and familiarity with:
    • Its inventiveness;
    • Its uniqueness within its field of influence, and;
    • The nature and extent of its effects on its recipients.

For one educational project or activity, only one application may be filed. This restriction applies if multiple groups submit applications that are very similar to one another for the same educational activity or project; in this case, all applications will be disqualified.

There is a limit of one application per person. Different applications for other educational activities may be submitted by other employees of the same organization.


There may be multiple nominations filed for the same initiative from various people, but this will not affect the judgement.

Multiple nominations from the same nominators for various projects are permitted.


Applications for the 2023 WISE Awards must be submitted in English. It is strongly advised that candidates take extra care to make sure their applications can be correctly read in English, even though the quality of the written English is not a factor in evaluating submissions.

For further information visit 2023 WISE Awards

To apply for The 2023 WISE Awards click here


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