Program Coordinator – Head of Program Office in Mozambique

DEADLINE: November 10, 2022.

Program Coordinator (Head of Program Office in Mozambique), P4 Job Opening Posting Title
Department/Office: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


Posting window is from October 12 to November 10, 2022.

Drug Control and Crime Prevention Job Opening Number: 22-UNODC-192395-R-Maputo (E)

Integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity are among the tenets of the United Nations

Organizing, Setting, and Reporting

The Programme Office in Mozambique (POMOZ) of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Maputo is where this position is based. The position holder will report to the Regional Representative of the UNODC at the Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSAF) in Pretoria, South Africa, and will be overseen by the Deputy Director of the Division for Operations (DO) at UNODC headquarters in Vienna.


The Programme Coordinator will serve as the Head of the UNODC Programme Office in Mozambique under delegated authority and be in charge of the following specific responsibilities:

• As agreed upon with the Government under the Maputo Road Map for UNODC’s engagement in the nation, represent UNODC’s position and interests in Mozambique and encourage strong partnerships with Government institutions, civil society, regional and international aid agencies and financial institutions, parliamentarians, and the media.

• Manage the creation, funding, and execution of UNODC technical support and the provision of policy advice in Mozambique in conjunction with the Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSAF), as well as the Maputo Roadmap and the Regional Programme for Southern Africa.

• Represent UNODC in Mozambique’s UN Country Team and other pertinent fora. • Create strong alliances with UN organizations, including cooperative programs, to ensure that UNODC’s mandates are effectively reflected in the country’s overall work schedule and UN-led initiatives.

• Establish productive relationships with the Mozambique Resident Coordinator and other top UN officials working there.

• Ensure effective program monitoring and data collection, and contribute to national, regional, and international initiatives to demonstrate UNODC’s involvement in broader UN activities and the Sustainable Development Goals.

• Serve as the country’s focal point for information on drug control, criminal justice, anti-corruption, and terrorist prevention, and, as needed, participate in internal and external reports and briefings on trends and developments.

• Determine potential program expansion areas in Mozambique and create and put into action plans to increase UNODC’s strategic involvement in the nation.

• Create relationships, develop a resource mobilization plan, and put it into action to encourage long-term contributions from public and private sector donors at the national, regional, and international levels to support UNODC’s operations in Mozambique.

• Encourage increased priority attention to all aspects of drug control and crime prevention, encourage a better understanding of their importance, and promote their inclusion in government planning documents as well as pertinent programs of other bilateral, multilateral, and non-governmental organizations.

• Take the helm of UNODC’s advocacy and public education campaigns in Mozambique and support them on a regional and international scale.

• Manage the financial and human resources assigned to the Programme Office in accordance with established policies and given authorities, providing appropriate coverage, staff guidance and supervision, and efficient and effective use of such resources.

• Ensure prompt implementation and oversee project activities relevant to the “Maputo Roadmap” of UNODC involvement in Mozambique.

• As per the UNODC Regional Programme for Southern Africa, ensure and manage planning, programme management, and coordination related to the implementation of the Maputo Roadmap and any program component. This includes oversight and supervision of the daily operations related to the implementation of component activities in accordance with UNODC project management policies and guidelines.

• Create terms of reference for the staff and consultants working on the project or program; hire, train, and organize local support staff; determine the need for consultants; create terms of reference for the suggested consultancies; and take part in the identification, selection, and hiring process.

• Manage the implementation of corporate measures adopted as a way of adapting to different UN reform streams, taking into consideration local and regional adaptation actions by other UN system organizations.

• Assure complete operational and substantive coordination and coherence with UNODC operations in the Southern African region, and assist the Regional Representative in advancing and supporting regional UN partnerships and initiatives.

• Carry out additional tasks relevant to your job as needed.

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