The Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2023

Deadline: November 30th 2022

For the young of developing and least developed countries, the Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2023 is a fantastic opportunity. Young national and international leaders are drawn to the chance to bring about progressive change in their home nations. Therefore, candidates with great potential, talent, and desire urged to apply for this program. These candidates should be eager to promote social developments, eager to become prominent leaders, and willing to win international scholarships. In addition, the global leadership program requires young people to be fluent English speakers and knowledgeable computer users before applying. Additionally, candidates for this program must have easy access to a computer and the internet.

Deadline: November 30th 2022


The Developing Countries Youth Leadership Atlanta Conference Awards and the Kectil Mentor Awards are two accolades given by the Kectil Program to outstanding participants.

Outstanding Kectil Program participants receive the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Atlanta Conference Award. The rigorous one-week leadership program to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, hence the prize recipients invited.

The Kectil Mentor Award given to a select group of Kectil Colleagues who perform above average. For the following year, the coworkers will have a mentor they can talk to and ask for guidance from. The mentors chosen for the recipients typically match their interests and career goals.

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We give out four different types of certificates: participation certificates, certificates for excellent performance, certificates for superior performance, and certificates for the Youth Leadership Council. Based on the quantity of assignments completed and other contributions, the Kectil team evaluates each Colleague’s involvement during the full year to determine which certificate they will receive.

Outstanding Colleagues who consistently interact with the program throughout the year get Certificates of Excellent Performance. Colleagues who exhibit a high degree of contribution awarded Certificates of Superior Performance. Colleagues chosen to serve as peer mentors for the next cohort have earned one of these two certifications.

A Certificate of Participation will be given to Kectil Colleagues who do not meet the requirements for either of the aforementioned credentials.

To recognize their participation in the rigorous leadership course, Kectil Colleagues who attend the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta also receive an extra Certificate. Additionally, they are chosen to create the Youth Leadership Council for the following cohort.

Kectil Youth Leadership Program eligibility requirements for 2023:

Candidates must be between the ages of 17 and 27.

The candidates must come from the least developed or developing countries.

The applicants must be passionate about obtaining the position of future leaders.

The candidates must be passionate about advancing social justice throughout the world.

The applicant must have a strong command of English.

Access to computers is a requirement for the candidates.

Candidates ought to have internet access.

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