DataTribe challenge 2023

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Deadline: 23rd September 2023 | DataTribe Challenge 2023

Title: DataTribe challenge 2023
Organisation: DataTribe
Fund/Benefit: $2,000,000 and $20,000
Deadline: 23rd September 2023
Eligible countries: All countries

For their fifth annual DataTribe Challenge 2023, DataTribe is searching for the top seed stage firms in Big Data/AI/ML, Web3 Security, and cybersecurity.


Startups can win up to $2 million in seed money in the annual DataTribe Challenge, a special competition. The Challenge brings together the top businesspeople in the world who want to revolutionise data science and cybersecurity.

They are anticipating all the outstanding businesses that will apply to compete for one of the three finalist slots as they get ready for the sixth annual DataTribe Challenge. The competition’s final event will take place in Maryland on November 2, 2023, after the finalists are revealed on October 12th, 2023. They anticipate that this year’s gathering of an incredible mix of cyber entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and luminaries will carry on the tradition.

DataTribe wants to keep creating world-class businesses. Utilising expertise garnered at national security agencies or government R&D labs, they have developed a distinctive reputation as a partner with exceptional teams at the forefront of innovation. The goal of DataTribe is to enhance data science and cybersecurity technology.


  • Businesses who are interested must submit a proposal with a deck and pertinent data. Submissions will be evaluated by DataTribe based on their technical quality, commercial viability, and team readiness.
  • Companies who are interested in competing must also be pre-Series A and have received a maximum of $1.2M in funding to date. To present, you must have a beta, MVP, or concept for an enterprise, big data, or cyber security product.

Financial Details

  • DataTribe chooses one winner who may get up to $2 million in seed money, along with three finalists who each receive $20,000 in prize money.


  • Teams and individuals with real-world expertise designing, developing, integrating, and deploying cutting-edge tools, techniques, and systems to support cyber operations for the government, academic research facilities, or commercial enterprises are eligible to enter the competition. They are seeking for founders that want to build outstanding product firms using cutting-edge technology and expertise.


  • Must be a pre-series A company.
  • The total amount of funding received cannot exceed $1.2M.
  • To present, you must have a cybersecurity or data science product, beta, MVP, or idea.
  • practical knowledge of high-level commercial/enterprise technology, national security, defence, national labs, or R&D organisations.
  • Additionally, teams with relevant business expertise will be given preference.
  • To move a concept further, it must be eligible for funding on some level.
  • As far as you are aware, the suggested proposal should not violate any intellectual property rights.

For more information,visit DataTribe for additional details.

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