3 Drivers USAID Project Job Vacancies- FHI 360

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The following are the main responsibilities and duties of this position:

  • Operates a vehicle to ensure the safe transportation of clients to and from different locations in the country office;
  • Courteously assists clients as they enter and exit vehicles;
  • Assumes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the vehicle; this includes washing the exterior and cleaning the interior;
  • Maintains and repairs the vehicle;
  • Transports Country Office staff, consultants, and visitors to designated approved locations.
  • Ensures the vehicle is safe, clean, secure, and maintained. Provides regular oil changes, inspections, brake checks, and tire pressure checks for the vehicle.
  • When necessary, makes plans for significant vehicle repairs. Verifies that all appropriate paperwork, including the vehicle’s logbook, insurance, and spare parts, is in order and current.
  • Determines the route and requirements depending on the office’s schedule or special demands. • Ensures that passengers follow all traffic safety laws.
  • Handles specific requests by running errands, picking up and delivering products as instructed, and providing client safety in high-risk areas.
  • Identifies and recognizes issues with pre-existing solutions and minimal impact. • Refers unconventional queries and issues to a higher level.
  • Errors can be rapidly and easily recognized within the current work unit, and their correction would only cause small inconvenience or expense.
  • Completes any additional tasks as directed Education, training, and experience: The ideal applicant must have a high school diploma, a trade test certificate, a valid driver’s license, and a spotless driving record in order to be considered for the position of FHI 360 Driver.
  • Three years of driving experience; knowledge of how to operate large vehicles; or a comparable mix of training and experience.

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