Technical Advisor Capacity Building USAID SBCA Grant Job Vacancy

End of advertisement: September 22, 2023 | Technical Advisor Capacity Building USAID SBCA Grant Job Vacancy

Join our 33,000+ staff members who work in almost 100 nations and experience the thrill of changing the lives of at-risk children for yourself!

We are now looking for a qualified and motivated person eager to share in our vision and join the team in the following capacity due to the expansion in the scope of our programs.

Position: Technical Advisor, USAID SBCA Grant for Capacity Building

Accountability to: Associate Director of Programs

Location: National Office in Kampala


What The Position Is For

The Social and Behavioural Change Activity (SBCA), a USAID-funded program run by the John Hopkins Center for Communications Program (CCP), will be implemented overall by the Technical Advisor Capacity Building. He/she will be in charge of supervising all project activities across all regions, connecting it to other stakeholders like the government and healthcare facilities, managing relationships with other implementing partners, ensuring compliance with donor regulations, and world vision policies and guidelines. He or she will coordinate capacity-building initiatives for the government agencies, CSOs, and implementing partners working on the SBCA. Additionally, she or he will be in charge of accounting for all project funds and reporting accordingly.

Important Results/Responsibilities.

Project organization and execution

  • Give the SBCA team, partners, and contractors overall guidance, technical and administrative control, and make sure that the networks are working at the regional, district, and health sub-district levels.
  • To create annual work plans and give day-to-day leadership for delivering team projects in collaboration with the Grants Management Unit, Support Office, and the Prime.
  • Provide ongoing program technical support, encouraging supervision, motivation, and guidance to ensure that project teams execute well.
  • Manage and oversee the WVU SBCA team, any contractors, and any temporary technical support needed to complete the project.
  • Hold regular meetings with the SBCA project team, Prime and IPs (as necessary), and other partners to discuss problems, monitor progress, offer direction and support, and ensure that work is consistently of a high standard. You should also conduct performance plans and reviews, communicate with them, and ensure that they are carried out in accordance with USAID and World Vision policies, rules, and values.
  • Establish and maintain strong working connections with all important stakeholders, including the MoH, Prime, IPs, Regional and District leadership, DHO, CSOs, and Donor and Beneficiary Institutions, to ensure their full support for the implementation of SBCA operations.
  • Act as the principal point of contact for WVU in all administrative and financial concerns pertaining to the SBCA project with the assistance of the Grants Finance Manager and the Grants Management Unit.
  • Prior to implementing modifications, get donor approval and work with the Grants Management Unit and SO to make any necessary amendments or adjustments.

Budget Control

  • Ensure that the project’s money, budget, and resources are managed in accordance with WV and donor criteria.
  • Create, promote, and enforce sound budget management/control in collaboration with the grants finance manager to guarantee that project expenditures are timely and within the approved budget.
  • Work closely with Grants Finance to adhere with SOPs, conduct collaborative FFR reviews, and provide timely feedback in order to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting.
  • Encourage active participation in internal and external audits and make sure that correct and timely information is provided.
  • Regularly develop, monitor, and assess project risks to ensure prompt management reporting and mitigation of any threats to project performance.
  • Create and implement SBCA contractual guidelines with the help of the grant/finance manager, ensuring complete compliance.

Monitoring, assessment, reporting, and learning

  • Establish operational and M&E plans, assessments, and evaluations as needed by collaborating closely with SBCA project partners and the WVU Evidence and Learning team.
  • Assist in effective monitoring, documentation, and reporting in accordance with agreed-upon donor and WV standards by collaborating with other SBCA team members, project partners, and Grants Management Unit.
  • Ensure that high-quality monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports are submitted on schedule.
  • Thoroughly record all information pertaining to project accomplishments, innovations, and promising practices, and disseminate it via suitable channels like the “Experience Lab” or other channels.
  • Create and maintain a suitable system for project monitoring to assist in the efficient handling of project data as required by the MoH, WV, and donor.
  • Support surveys, reviews, evaluations, and reports that monitor the application of specified standards and regulations for key turning points in the life cycle of all projects.
  • Ensure prompt notification of any important milestone adjustments in grant projects to management, donors, and SOs.
  • Arrange for cooperative planning and regular field inspections of project sites, IPs, and other project partners to ensure prompt and effective implementation that satisfies donor requirements.

Technical Support/Capacity Development

  • Offer technical assistance for creatively recording the project actions so far carried out.
  • Working together with the principal and the partners In order to meet other important requirements and expectations, evaluate and build the ability of SBCA personnel, IPs, and other partners in social and behavioral change initiatives.
  • Work closely with the Prime and project partners to identify capacity requirements and enable the implementation of a variety of activities to enhance capacity for project staff and IPs.
  • Strengthen multisectoral national and regional SBCA coordination mechanisms in collaboration with the rollout and engagement specialist, WVU Health Technical Lead, and MOH.

Education, knowledge, technical skills, and experience are required.

  • A postgraduate degree in a related discipline, such as international relations or public health
  • For this position, it’s crucial to have at least 7 years of experience in the field of social and behavioral change.
  • It would be beneficial if you had at least 10 years of experience working with an INGO on the ground and at the national level, with a large portion of that time spent in managerial or supervisory roles managing multicultural and varied teams.
  • For this position, it will be crucial to have previous experience working with partners, notably in consortiums.
  • Innovative knowledge management and documentation experience that can be demonstrated is highly appreciated.
  • For this position, recent experience as a multisectoral coordination and health system strengthening leader is crucial.
  • It is crucial to be familiar with USAID policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • 1Experience closely coordinating with Ministry and local government structures
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Uganda’s healthcare system, including its current priorities
  • Excellent speaking and written English is required.
  • It is essential to have excellent organizational abilities, the capacity to set priorities, and a keen eye for detail.
  • Capability to function as a flexible and courteous team member in a multicultural environment.
  • The ability to go to the field when necessary
  • Advanced proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, and other programs is necessary.
  • Capacity to operate under pressure to meet information needs
  • The job needs the ability and willingness to travel up to 60% of the time inside the country and occasionally abroad.

Accepted Types of Applicants

  • Only Local Applicants

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