Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024

Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024 three-month program providing healthcare and wellbeing startups leveraging AI with essential growth skills, internationalization strategies, and Google tools to help them scale and innovate responsibly.

Featuring a series of workshops, mentoring and networking events, the program helps founders develop data-driven strategies for acquiring new customers and partnerships, tools to innovate responsibly with emerging technologies and expand to new markets.

After the initial three months of core content, startups continue to receive product support and mentorship from Google to help them address their challenges. | Google for startups Growth Academy: AI for Health


  • -Seed to Series A startups currently based in Europe, the Middle East, and/or Africa —but looking to scale internationally.
  • -Leveraging AI to address health or wellbeing challenges.
  • -Demonstrated traction, such as a clear track record of users and revenue.
  • -Scalable product or service, with both a significant total addressable market and a defensible growth model.


  • Equity-free support, with access to Google products and resources.
  • Technical consulting and one-on-one support from Google mentors and AI experts.
  • Support on AI, company, and product strategy.
  • Tailored leadership training designed to improve management skills.
  • Support from mentors and Google teams on new international opportunities, to expand your business to new markets.
  • Connect with VCs, industry leaders and fellow founders, and become a part of our alumni network.
Application deadline: 1st March, 2024

Click here for more information about Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024 or Visit GROWTH ACADEMY’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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Google for startups Growth Academy: AI for Health

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