The Borel Global Fellows Program (BGFP)

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Deadline; Dec1, 2023 | The Borel Global Fellows Program (BGFP)

Program specifics

The Borel Global Fellows Program (BGFP) is distinctive in that it combines a practical research experience in the student’s home country with an academic education at the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware is where students spend 12 to 18 months finishing coursework, honing their research techniques, and setting the groundwork for their research topic in collaboration with their in-country faculty mentor and UD faculty sponsor. The student spends the next six to twelve months finishing up their research study and getting ready for their thesis defense back home. Every year, one or two Borel Global Fellows get support.

Areas of emphasis

The wide range of issues covered by study areas for Borel Fellows includes entomology and wildlife ecology, agriculture and resource economics, animal and food sciences, and plant and soil sciences.


  • National of a nation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • A bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in one of the following fields: animal and food sciences, wildlife ecology and entomology, agriculture and resource economics, or plant and soil sciences
  • three to five years of job experience in the natural resource or agriculture sectors following graduation
  • a real and evident desire to get a master’s degree and go back home to support the growth of agribusiness, natural resource conservation, enhanced food security, and/or agriculture


  • Acceptance into the Borel Global Fellows Program, which guarantees an academic position at UD/CANR
  • Admission to the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources graduate program
  • verified backing from an African faculty mentor and research institute, as outlined below
  • satisfactory GRE results, if mandated by the study program
  • Toefl exam results that are acceptable for students from non-English speaking nations
  • Possession of a student visa (F-1) enabling entry into the United States from one’s native country
  • availability of dependable internet in one’s own nation

The application procedure

Before applying to the University of Delaware, students who want to be considered for the BGFP should apply to the Borel Program. The result of a BGFP application may or may not affect a person’s desire to pursue graduate study at UD. In order to apply to the Borel Global Fellows Program, please follow the instructions below.

For the purpose of being considered for the Borel Global Fellows Program, applicants must provide the following:

  • A curriculum vitae or resume
  • Transcript(s) from undergrad
  • a letter from the applicant outlining their post-undergraduate agricultural job experience and how the fellowship will help them achieve their professional objectives
  • The names and contact details of three references who are qualified to assess the applicant’s academic standing and potential for graduate-level research
  • a commitment letter from a university or research institute in Africa promising to give the student in-kind research support for the fellowship’s African component.

a commitment letter from a research faculty member from Africa who accepts to collaborate with a faculty member from UD on the Fellow’s study. The letter must include the principal professor’s pledge to support the student’s study in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as their commitment to offer the remaining necessary funds, which is usually tuition, fees, and research expenditures.

By the stated date, all items must be sent by email to

For More information, Visit Borel Global Fellows Program official Website

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