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Deadline: Varying | call for Applications: Pell Grant application

Learn about the Pell Grant requirements and how to find the Pell Grant application. Pell Grants provide federal grant money to low and middle-income undergraduate students. Individual awards vary. For the 2024 – 2025 school year, the maximum Pell Grant is to be announced (around $7500).

The Pell Grant eligibility requirements changed for 2024 – 25, and it is estimated that an additional 15% of students will qualify.
Automatic Pell Grants may be awarded based upon household size. A maximum Federal Pell Grant award will be granted to students from families making less than 175% and single parents making less than 225% of the federal poverty level.

Minimum Pell Grants will be guaranteed to students from households below 275%, 325%, 350%, or 400% of the federal poverty level, depending on household structure.

Pell Grant awards between the maximum and minimum amounts (Pell Max and Pell Min) will be determined by the Student Aid Index. This means other students may qualify, including those who don’t file tax returns, and children of certain deceased armed forces or public safety officers.

The basic Pell Grant requirements still apply:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • U.S. Citizen (some non-citizens are qualified)
  • Enrolled in accredited college or university undergraduate program
  • Must not have certain types of criminal convictions.
  • Low to moderate-income (Typically less than $40,000 per year).

The number of students in college at the same time is no longer a consideration.

The Pell Grant award cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance for the school the student will attend.

Half of the Federal Pell Grant award will be offered in each semester, and if the student is not attending full-time, it will be prorated based upon the Enrollment Intensity, or number of units/credits.

If you are looking for free money for college, it is hard to beat a federal Pell Grant. All students who are interested in free grants for college should submit a FAFSA, which serves as the free grant application. Awards are made students based upon financial need. You will be notified of your Pell Grant award, if any, as part of your financial aid package.

Federal Pell grants for college students average around $2500 per year, and will be reduced if you reduce your units below 12 units, which is considered full-time. You also must make satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for your grant.

For 2023 – 2024, the federal Pell Grant maximum award is $7395, and it is expected to be similar or slightly higher for 2024 – 2025. Students are limited to only 12 semesters, and some awards will be less than prior years. There are no awards for summer school.

FAFSA Deadline

When is the FAFSA deadline?

It depends. You should submit your FAFSA application as soon as possible each year. Most federal and state aid is limited and is awarded on a first come, first served basis.
Last updated on November 16, 2023 by College Financial Aid Advice.

When are the FAFSA deadlines for federal financial aid for college students? It depends on which school year. Apply early as many programs run out of funds. You can always count on getting a federal student loan, but the amount is limited.

2024 – 2025 school year (July 1 2024 – June 30 2025) – FAFSA deadline is June 30, 2025. Apply as early as possible starting in December 2023, when the new streamlined application is available.

2023 – 2024 school year (July 1 2023 – June 30 2024) – FAFSA deadline is June 30, 2024. Apply as early as possible as most funds are already depleted.

How to Complete FAFSA Application

The FAFSA application is key to receive not just federal financial aid, but also state aid and many college grants and scholarships. To receive the best financial aid package, be aware of at least FAFSA deadlines:

  1. Federal aid deadline. The federal deadline qualifies you for federal aid, such as Pell Grants and federal student loans.
  2. State aid deadline. These state FAFSA deadlines (shown in the table below) apply to the funding offered by your state.
  3. Institution deadeline. You will also need to check with each college or university for their FAFSA deadlines.

Which is most important?

They all are. You may receive financial aid from all 3 sources, and each person’s situation is unique. Apply early for your best chance to receive a great package of college scholarships, grants, and student loans.

To Apply and for more information, Visit Student Aid Official website and fill the FAFSA Form (
The 2024–25 FAFSA® form will be available in December 2023, not Oct. 1) | Federal Pell Grant Program.

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