Event Management Consultant Job Vacancy France Paris | UNEP

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Date of expiration: Saturday, October 7, 2023 | Event Management Consultant Job Vacancy France Paris | UNEP

  • Title of Position: Consultant for Event Management
  • United Nations Environment Programme Department/Office
  • Station of duty: PARIS
  • Work Environment; Paris
  • Expected time frame; sixty days
  • posting window is from September 24 to October 7, 2023.
  • United Nations Environment Programme 218810-Consultant Position Number 23
  • Integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity are among the tenets of the United Nations


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Event Management Consultant Job Vacancy France Paris

The Event Management Consultant will be responsible for the following duties under the direction of the One Planet Network’s Head of Communication and Advocacy and in close coordination with the Communications and Advocacy team:

1) Assist in the implementation of Pillar 4 of the Global Strategy for SCP by planning logistics, involving One Planet Network programs and other related initiatives/platforms, holding consultation meetings, organizing the logistics for the Global Dialogue and the OPN Forum, workshops, and webinars, creating meeting materials, and gathering feedback from partners to be included in the draft strategy.

2) Create, develop, and apply stakeholder engagement methodologies through workshops and webinars, including current and prospective partners, in close collaboration with the 10YFP programmes and initiatives; identify and reach out to various stakeholders in the context of online / of communities; and facilitate broader stakeholder engagement across the One Planet network and related initiatives/communities, including the private sector and the youth.

3) Active participation of current and potential stakeholder individuals and organizations in One Planet Network events, driving the creation of creative event engagement initiatives using digital platforms, social media, and other online resources. includes managing online communities, moderating comments, conducting polls, kicking off discussions, and using other strategies and tools for active online involvement. Amount to Pay (USD) Output Month 1: 3 500 Upon output delivery 1 Month 2 3 500 Upon output delivery Upon output delivery, 2 Month 3 350 3 Month 4 3 500 Upon output delivery 4 Month 5: 3500 Upon Output Delivery 5 Month 6: 3500 Upon Output Delivery 6

Tasks and Responsibilities

A key component of implementing the 10YFP and the One Planet Network’s new strategy is event management and organization. It discusses the fundamental duties of the 10YFP, such as promoting greater collaboration and networking, involving all parties with a focus on youth, the private sector, and high-impact economic sectors, highlighting the added value of SCP in terms of socioeconomic development and environmental sustainability, and offering a forum for knowledge and experience exchange. The 10YFP Secretariat’s Programme of Work at UNEP, which aims to provide a common global space to “reduce fragmentation and support synergies between the responses to various economic, environmental, and social challenges in activities related to sustainable cooperation,” thus includes event management through the organization of logistics, dissemination, digital engagement, moderation, conversations, and discussion for important forums and events as well as the digital platform. In the context of strategic fora and events, as well as more broadly in support of the aforementioned goals, the Event Management Consultant will collaborate with the 10YFP Secretariat to coordinate substantive and logistical efforts around the mapping, consolidation, and engagement of current and potential stakeholders across the One Planet Network and other initiatives/communities implementing the 10YFP, SDG12, and the 2030 Agenda. specific duties and obligations The consultant will: 1) Coordinate events, conferences, webinars, other consultations, and validation meetings for the post-2022 Global Strategy for SCP and SDG12; • Facilitate the organization of regular meetings, webinars, and events; provide meeting materials; and gather input from partners to be included in the draft strategy. • Ensure that the key stakeholders of the One Planet Network, including enabling and sectoral programs and initiatives/platforms, are involved in the events, webinars, conferences, and consultations. 2) Assist in the coordination and execution of significant events that the Secretariat is organizing and/or funding in 2023–2024, particularly but not only in relation to the One Planet Network Forum and Global Dialogue: – Through stakeholder outreach and online desk research, regularly map strategic events organized by or relevant to the One Planet network in 2023 and 2024 (conferences, workshops, webinars, podcasts, HLM or occasions such as key dates, commemorative days, or other relevant external events), based on the priorities of the OPN, UNEP, and the UN system. This will ensure coherence with the OPN’s communication and advocacy strategy. – Create, manage, update, and disseminate the OPN online Event Calendar on a quarterly basis, providing information on the event’s organizer, target audience, kind, major themes, and relation to the OPN program, as well as its major stakeholders and strategic goals. Assure that all OPN secretariat members have access to the online Event Calendar for review and possible input. – For important, chosen events like the One Planet Network Forum on SCP, Global Dialogue, as well as others like the HLPF, the UNGA, and MEAs COPs, provide logistical direction and oversee outreach to and engagement with stakeholders. – Close collaboration with the team members in charge of the events, such as: o Conduct research and present proposals for stakeholder and target audience engagement; o Identify potential participants, speakers, or panelists (governments, NGOs, UN agencies, private sector organizations), taking into account stakeholder and regional balance; o Establish and disseminate participants lists in close collaboration with the OPN Secretariat team; o Facilitate the drafting and dissemination of final invitations in the most appropriate format; o Follow up with part of the audience after the event. Provide instructions to speakers and participants in the form of briefings, meeting materials, technical checks, registration, or other logistical instructions based on input from the OPN Secretariat team, and gather participant inputs (e.g., video messages, images, bios): o For the purpose of coordinating outreach and communications efforts across the OPN channels, the Head of Communications and Advocacy is given current and pertinent information about speakers and participants. Through events and other online and offline outreach initiatives, the One Planet Network and affiliated initiatives/communities, including the commercial sector, can facilitate wider stakeholder participation, including the media: – Compile best practices and create a “Best practices for engagement handbook” that will serve as a resource for OPN programs in need of event logistics advice and best practices. With a view to recognizing and overcoming engagement issues when it comes to arranging events, develop and incorporate into the handbook procedures specifically focused on resolving online event challenges. – Based on his or her experience, the consultant will provide feedback on the CRM functionalities and its potential development for stakeholder engagement. – Provide regular updates and input into the Stakeholder mapping tool, taking into account current and prospective audiences and stakeholders in accordance with the strategic objectives of the OPN (including tags by region, topic, language, interest, and online media channel). – Offer direction to the Secretariat team members about stakeholder engagement. Message lines: The incumbent will answer to the 10YFP Secretariat and One Planet Network’s Head of Communications and Advocacy.

qualifications and unique abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related discipline, such as public relations, communications, international relations, public policy, project management, economics, marketing, or social science.
  • a minimum of two years’ worth of expertise in planning, coordinating, and managing events and conferences.
  • The consultant should also demonstrate expertise in digital events, active stakeholder engagement, and community management, including cultivating, interacting with, and administering online stakeholder communities.
  • The consultant should be skilled in stakeholder engagement and outreach as it relates to sustainable consumption and production, as well as in planning consultations, events, or other types of meetings and/or managing intergovernmental or multi-stakeholder processes.
  • The consultant should be able to demonstrate expertise dealing with various international stakeholders and networks, such as government officials, members of civil society, and businesses.
  • in interacting with, overseeing, and curating stakeholder communities online. An advantage would be having knowledge of CRM use, audience mapping, social listening, target audience interaction, and event outreach and stakeholder mapping. are favored


  • English proficiency is necessary, and knowledge of additional UN languages is advantageous.

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