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Deadline: September 30th 2023 | Aspiring Entrepreneurs Digital Programme Nigeria

The sixth edition of the “Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme: Digital (AEP Digital)” is now available. It is designed for startup founders between the ages of 25 and 45 who have creative company ideas.


The programme makes use of Meta’s digital strategy and literacy programming support for small and developing enterprises as well as FATE Foundation’s AEP’s unmatched enterprise development curriculum, which covers the fundamentals of beginning and running a successful business in Nigeria.

They will help 80 aspiring business owners in 2023 from various sectors of the Nigerian economy, with a focus on those in the education, agriculture, hospitality & tourism, and creative industries. They chose these areas because they believe they would have high growth, high impact, and will provide a lot of jobs for the Nigerian economy.

This programme, like earlier iterations of AEP Digital, is made to give qualified founders the knowledge, abilities, and resources they need to develop long-term, digitally enabled firms that have a positive economic impact. Important elements of the programme for this year are:

  • In-person and online learning and support sessions will also be offered.
  • improved curriculum built on the knowledge and experience gained the previous year.
  • As with previous editions, it is completely free, with the grant from Meta covering tuition and direct programme expenses for reading materials and resources during the programme.
  • It also integrates the programme with established state and local level industry associations, trade groups, and the FATE Alumni network. However, it is expected that participants would arrange their own transportation to and from the programme venues.

The AEP Digital curriculum is made to help aspiring business owners see different hidden market potentials despite the devastating unforeseen changes in the world, assist in building a structured and workable business model, and learn about the various opportunities offered by different digital tools to expand their enterprises. The curriculum’s goal is to put business owners in a position where they can confront the realities of managing a successful company in the emerging or new entrepreneurship ecosystem and equip them with actionable tactics that will assure their online exposure via the use of various digital tools and strategies.

Principal Advantages and Learning Results

  • Development/Review Strategies for Business Models
  • Digital Marketing Knowledge & Strategies
  • Understanding finances and managing cash flow
  • Business Finance Techniques
  • Knowledge of pertinent regional and commercial networks
  • Free Digital Tool and Platform Access
  • Facebook Ad Credits for State and National Pitch Competition Winners
  • Access to the business advisory and support services of the FATE Foundation
  • Market connections and funding availability


To qualify, you must:

  • Between the ages of 25 and 45, computer literate
  • Possess a laptop or other data-capable device
  • have already started a business and registered it.
  • Have graduated from an accredited institution of higher learning. Must be able to participate for the entire period of the programme.

For more information, visit the FATE Foundation.

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