The Stockholm Water Prize 2024

Deadline: 30th September 2023 | The Stockholm Water Prize 2024

Title: The Stockholm Water Prize 2024
Organisation: Stockholm Water Prize
Fund/Benefit: Prize
Deadline: 30th September 2023
Eligible Countries: All countries

To honour those who have made significant contributions to the responsible use and preservation of the world’s water resources, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is now taking submissions for the Stockholm Water Prize 2024.


The Stockholm Water Prize 2024 Nominating Committee, which consists of some of the top water specialists in the world, evaluates each candidate.


  • The nominee should fall into one or both of the following categories for their major accomplishments:
  • Practises and Policy
  • This broad category contains accomplishments that have improved the governance and management of water as a natural and economic resource, as well as as a human right and fundamental service, along a continuum from political ideas to practical execution. The group contains:
  • Applying human rights, conflict resolution, policy impact, and international collaboration to the water sector
  • Water resource management that is safe and sustainable
  • The provision of services for sanitation and water supply
  • The creation and use of suitable technology


  • Both fundamental and applied research are included in this category to advance knowledge and foster scientific leadership in:
  • Processes that are natural, physical, or technological
  • The operation of complicated systems
  • For effective, equitable, and sustainable water management and service provision, economic, legislative, institutional, or administrative principles must be developed or improved.
  • Great outreach and awareness-raising successes are seen as benefits for both categories. This include information transmission to and awareness-raising of decision-makers and the general public, as well as teaching and training of students, water professionals, or communities.


  • They encourage the nomination of female candidates and accept nominations from all corners of the globe. The Stockholm Water Prize honours achievement in science and application. They actively work to expand their networks and incorporate a wide range of expertise because the water world is continually expanding. Anyone may nominate someone, and the process is straightforward.
  • The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for the Stockholm Water Prize:
  • The nominee must have made remarkable contributions that will have a long-term impact on the conservation and responsible use of water resources worldwide.
  • The candidate’s accomplishments must have a demonstrable effect or considerable potential, and they must inspire further significant contributions to the preservation and protection of water resources as well as to the improvement of human and ecological ecosystem health.
  • Anyone may nominate a candidate for the Stockholm Water Prize, but self-nominations or nominations made by individuals who have a close personal or professional relationship with the candidate are prohibited.
  • All materials submitted for award nominations are confidential, including the nomination process itself.

Visit the Stockholm Water Prize website for more information.

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