Grants for People Interested in Building Their Podcasting Careers

Deadline: 21st September 2023 | Grants for People Interested in Building Their Podcasting Careers

Title: Grants for People Interested in Building Their Podcasting Careers
Organisation: Broccolli Productions
Fund/Benefit: $1000
Deadline: 21st September 2023
Eligible countries: All countries

Spotify and Patron are happy to announce the Grants for People Interested in Building Their Podcasting Careers, which will provide 5x £1000 grants to 5 people aiming to BUILD up their projects and careers in honour of BUILD now being available on Apple Podcasts.


Five people wishing to BUILD their podcasting careers will receive grants of £1,000 GBP each as part of the incubation project known as the BUILD Grant. They are giving people the chance to develop their creative skills or take on initiatives that would be impossible otherwise by putting an emphasis on hands-off creative growth. The five BUILD pillars of marketing, business, personal development, storytelling, and production will be matched with funding categories.

By providing funds for the improvement of their creative practise, abilities, and projects in the following categories (the examples of projects listed for each category are not exhaustive), Broccoli Productions hopes to assist and foster talent within their business.

Business Marketing Grants Awards Storytelling Production Personal Development

  • For the stated project, £1000 GBP
  • Gifted annual membership to BUILD on Patron to meet one-on-one with a BUILD assessing panellist to discuss the project and work out problems.

Funds Use

  • The BUILD Grant must be used solely to finance the initiative as part of a self-development initiative, whether that project is a personal or content improvement effort (e.g., Project related equipment and resources, or to finance the effort production budget). The award cannot be used to settle any existing debts or obligations, including unpaid invoices.

Who may apply?

  • People who are independent podcast small company owners (for this award, annual revenue must be under £75k), aspirant podcast business owners, and podcast contractors who are registered as Sole Traders or the equivalent in their region are all eligible for this grant.
  • Submissions must be made in English only.
  • Except for Russia and any other regions that the UK government or HMRC have imposed sanctions on, applications are available to all countries.

Advice for competitors

  • Remember to provide the word count. Before filling out the form, you might want to write your answers down on a another piece of paper.
  • They will only accept English-language submissions.
  • On your planned project, try to include as much factual information as you can, such as timetables, a budget that has been set aside, a list of the resources that are needed, etc.

Visit Broccoli Productions for additional information.

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