10 AU Jobs | African Union Jobs to apply for

Deadlines: Varying | 10 AU Jobs | African Union Jobs to apply for

Work extends far beyond a mere exchange for monetary compensation. It encompasses the pursuit of stimulating professional endeavors, the embrace of fresh challenges, and the endeavor to effect positive change in the world. If you’re seeking a workplace that champions job flexibility, robust prospects for growth, and avenues to enact meaningful change, consider joining us at The African Union.

At The African Union, innovation transcends the mere development of cutting-edge software; it entails the creation of technologies that unlock new realms of possibility. Recognizing that innovation is a deliberate pursuit, we foster an environment conducive to uninhibited thinking and adaptability. Moreover, the backing of a prominent global entity ensures the necessary resources to nurture promising concepts and initiatives.

  1. Head, Facilities and Asset Management Division-(AfCDC)
  2. Director Ethics, Integrity & Standards
  3. Assistant Accountant (MISAHEL/PAPS)
  4. Senior Program Officer, AVoHC Program Management (AfCDC)
  5. Senior Political Affairs Officer
  6. Principal Programme Policy and Strategy Officer (AfCDC)
  7. Director of Citizens and Diaspora Organizations
  8. AVoHC Rapid Responder – Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Experts (AfCDC)
  9. Bilingual Secretary (MISAHEL/PAPS)
  10. Internship Program

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