Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Programme in Lisbon

Deadline 15th November 2023 | Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Programme in Lisbon

The Australian Embassy is happy to introduce the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Programme in Lisbon which will assist neighbourhood initiatives to fight poverty and promote sustainable development.

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) oversees the Direct Aid Programme (DAP), a minor grants programme sponsored by the Australian government.

Community organisations, non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and municipal governments are just a few of the partners that participate in DAP projects.

DAP projects span a variety of fields, including human rights, food security, environmental protection, women’s empowerment, and water and sanitation. They also focus on economic livelihoods, digital initiatives, environmental protection, and women’s empowerment. Australia shows that it is a supportive and reliable partner in tackling global aid difficulties in partner nations by providing assistance to those in need.

Financial Details

  • Typically, grants are awarded up to EUR 15,000.00. The bulk of grant funds, excluding staff salaries, must be used to pay for the project’s direct costs. Recipients of funding are required to contribute some of the project costs with their own money or in-kind assistance.
  • Activities That Qualify
  • DAP initiatives should strive towards measurable, achievable results with a strong development impact.
  • Projects ought to have set deadlines and be self-contained. Except in exceptional cases and only with prior approval, DAP projects may last up to a year and should be financially self-sufficient beyond the grant’s expiration. Organisations who have DAP funds already in place are not eligible to apply.


  • Projects sponsored by DAP in Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and So Tomé and Prncipe are supported by the Australian Embassy in Lisbon.
  • Community organisations, non-profit organisations, and other organisations involved in development activities can receive DAP money on a not-for-profit basis.


  • Generally speaking, they will not provide funding for
  • cash grants, microcredit programmes, or initiatives involving the repayment of loans to businesses
  • purchase of significant assets, such as cars
  • Australian or foreign study abroad trips
  • International travel is only permitted in rare circumstances if it is essential to the project’s outcomes.
  • significant sporting events or cultural performances that are not clearly beneficial to development being sponsored
  • Construction activities normal, recurring or running costs and administrative expenses including office leasing and electricity costs, spare parts, and routine maintenance, with the exception of stipends/training or consultation fees paid particularly for a project activity.
  • For improved advocacy and accountability, applicants are invited to co-contribute to the project. Additionally, only 5% of the overall DAP budget may be used for administrative costs.

Visit the Australian Embassy in Lisbon for more details.

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