The 100x Impact Accelerator 2024 ( grant of £150,000)

The 100x Impact Accelerator 2024 ( grant of £150000) applications are now open and ongoing.

100x is looking for the next generation of social unicorns – organizations affecting positive change on the scale of billions. We are looking for radical thinkers, visionaries and entrepreneurs who crave a new, better world.

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The 100x Impact Accelerator
 will give the most promising social businesses in the world a brand-new platform. And scale them to help us address major issues like health, migration and refugee issues, equitable economies, polarization, and climate change, to mention a few.

The 100x Impact Accelerator will offer essential grant-making services and resources for the social sector. That were previously only accessible to for-profit businesses and commercial corporations as a result of Sir Paul Marshall’s kind donation of £50 million to the LSE.

The first call for applications, which is accessible to social companies from all over the world, including Africa. 70% of which are from emerging markets. Will run until March 10th, 2023.


  • ·      The 10 social entrepreneurs chosen will each receive a grant of £150,000, access to LSE’s world-class expertise, and a 12-week program of specialized support from experts and social unicorn founders.
  • ·      Each social entrepreneur chosen for the 100x Impact Accelerator will receive a grant of £150,000,
  • ·      access to the world-class knowledge of the LSE, and
  • ·      a 12-week program of individualized coaching from experts and social unicorn founders to help leaders decide how to maximize their impact.

 The curriculum consists of two weeks of in-person instruction at the London School of Economics (LSE). Online consultations with specialists, and an annual Summit Day. Where all participants will make presentations to donors, investors, governments, and the media.

For ventures participating in 100x, all costs will be reimbursed.


·      Organizations in eight areas climate change and the environment, health and social care, refugees and cohesion, fair economies, happiness and wellbeing, democracy, education, and new frontiers will be awarded spots. These sectors closely align with the research priorities of LSE.

·      If you’re an impact-first organisation, a registered charity, not-for-profit, or social enterprise, and you’re currently scaling social impact in one of our eight Impact Areas, then you are eligible.

·      We welcome applicants from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a minimum viable product (MVP) and a track record of achieving impact.

Am I eligible to apply for the 100x Impact Accelerator?

If you’re a changemaker with a social venture burning with purpose and potential, you’re in the right place. We’re all about fostering positive global change, and we welcome applicants from various backgrounds and corners of the world. We’re looking for ventures with a clear social or environmental mission, a scalable model, and a team ready to change the world.

You MUST fit the following eligibility criteria:

  • Impact-first venture – may be structured as a non-profit or a for-profit
  • Can be registered and/or operating from anywhere in the world
  • Delivering impact within at least one of our eight Impact Areas  
  • Impact achieved to date is reaching at least 10,000 end-users via either a direct B2C model or an indirect B2B or B2G (government) model 
  • Operating with a team of 4 or more full-time paid employees 
  • Raised at least USD 100,000 in capital from any source 
  • You are not applying on behalf of a government body, grantmaking foundation, financing intermediary, or similar entities

Purpose of 100x Impact Accelerator

The aim of 100x is to find the right combinations of knowledge, guidance, and funding. To help impact-driven organizations think more broadly and accomplish more. It apes the effective private sector company accelerator model. And strives to demonstrate how impact-driven organizations may end the cycle of grant-seeking and subpar governance. These elements frequently work together to restrict an organization’s ability to expand and have an impact.


Every year, the 100x Impact Accelerator will help two cohorts of ten social companies, 70% of which will be from emerging countries. The accelerator is seeking scale-up impact organizations with a tested business strategy so that it may assist in achieving their next significant growth spurt.

Organizations in eight industries that strongly align with the research interests of LSE will be given spots. Climate and the environment, health and social services, cohesiveness for refugees, equitable economies, happiness and wellbeing, democracy, education, and new horizons are some of these.


For more information visit 100x impact accelerator official website and Apply Now

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The 100x Impact Accelerator 2024 ( grant of £150000)


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