The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund($25 000)

Deadline: June 30th 2023 | The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund($25 000)

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund ($25 000)(MBZ) is now accepting submissions in order to recognise leaders in the field, award targeted funds to initiatives aimed at protecting specific species, and highlight the significance of species in the broader conservation discussion.

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The Fund has a global emphasis, and all initiatives to conserve plant, animal, and fungal species are eligible for awards without distinction on the basis of geography or particular species. However, only about 12% of applicants in 2019 received a grant, making it extremely competitive.

Financial Details

Any application requesting a grant larger than the Fund’s ceiling of $25,000 will be turned down. If additional financing is available for a project, the overall budget could be larger.

Eligible costs

  • The Fund will take into consideration paying wage expenditures or travel costs for a particular project depending on the nature of the conservation project and the effort involved. Typically, this would apply to support personnel in developing nations. This, however, can only be a portion of the entire grant that has been formally requested. The Fund will not consider grant requests that are limited to paying for travel or salaries.


  • Anyone actively engaged in the conservation of species is eligible to apply for a grant from the Fund.
  • Application submissions must be made in English.
  • Budget submissions must be made in US dollars.
  • When evaluating proposals, the Fund aims to be as accommodating and flexible as possible and will consider as many different aspects of a proposed project as are appropriate. The review procedure is maintained relatively straightforward to support this and try to speed the application process.
  • However, the Fund does get a lot more requests for assistance than it is possible to fund through grants.
  • Status of conservation
    • It is probably not worthwhile for you to submit an application if your project is not about an endangered species because the Fund was designed to support species conservation activities.
  • Content
    • All written material submitted as part of an application should be succinct, precise, and include explicitly stated quantitative goals, aims, and methodologies. Please keep in mind when writing an application that the Advisory Board and the Fund’s board of directors can only read so much text. Projects that assist the professional growth of young conservationists will be given priority.
  • Species
    • In general, the Fund prefers to sponsor programmes that concentrate on a single species, but it also acknowledges that in particular geographic and taxonomic situations, grouping many species makes more sense.

Visit the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund for additional details.

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