The Sakharov Fellowships 2024 of the European Parliament for human rights advocates (fully funded to Venice, Italy, and Brussels, Belgium)

Deadline:  October 8th 2023 | European Union Sakharov Fellowship Programme 2024

Up to 14 human rights advocates from non-EU nations are given the chance to participate in a two-week intensive training in Brussels and at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice through the European Union Sakharov Fellowship programme 2024. As a result of a decision made by the Sakharov Prize Community at the Sakharov Prize’s 25th Anniversary Conference, the empowering programme for human rights defenders has been held annually since 2016.

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Human rights advocates will receive training as part of the Sakharov Fellowship programme.

  • Broaden their understanding of the frameworks, regulations, and procedures governing human rights in the EU and internationally;
  • Acquire the skills necessary to promote and bring about beneficial change to safeguard human rights.
  • In addition to instruction, Sakharov Fellows will
  • Aid in expanding the Sakharov Fellows’ network so they may exchange best practises, communicate newly learned information, and raise awareness of the Sakharov Prize and the Sakharov Community;
  • Will have the chance to stay connected to the activities of the European Parliament and to the EU Delegations in their home nations.

The Brussels programme focuses on EU tools and regulations that support human rights defenders, financial access, communication skill development, and raising awareness of the unique security threats that these defenders face. Meetings with lawmakers, representatives of the EU institutions, and representatives of NGOs based in Brussels are also included. The Fellows will also have a place for their own networking and advocacy activities.


  • In person planning of the programme will take place in Venice and Brussels. If sanitary conditions demand it, it might be converted to an online format.
  • The annual work programme of DG-EXPO of the European Parliament must approve the Sakharov fellowship before it may be awarded.
  • Candidates should have a track record of advocating for human rights, whether it is through an NGO, another organisation, or on their own. They must speak English well enough to participate in and follow discussion groups and seminars in Brussels and Venice.
  • The foregoing criteria, as well as the requirement to guarantee gender balance, the representation of a diversity of geographical areas, and human rights issues, are used to choose the Fellows.


  • The Fellowship includes round-trip transportation from the nation of origin, lodging in Brussels and Venice, as well as a daily allowance.
  • Training in Venice and Brussels: Take part in a thorough programme that explores the laws, regulations, and procedures governing human rights in the EU and around the world. Give yourself the tools you need to promote justice and defend human rights.
  • Networking Possibilities Join a growing community of Sakharov Fellows to exchange information and best practises. Make enduring links with your home country’s EU Delegations and the European Parliament.
  • Customised Instruction: Focus on the policies of the EU, available money, interpersonal skills, and security issues that human rights advocates must deal with in Brussels. Engage with lawmakers, NGOs, and EU decision-makers. Take advantage of the chance to advocate for yourself and network.
  • Experience Venice: Gain access to academic knowledge of international human rights legislation, useful resources, and case studies at the Global Campus of Human Rights. Learn from eminent scholars, champions of human rights, and Sakharov Prize winners.
  • The programme will be held both in-person and online in Brussels and Venice, with the option to switch to an online version if necessary due to medical issues.


  • Applications must be submitted by midnight on October 8, 2023 (CET).
  • Candidates that are chosen will be notified through email, at the latest by November 17, 2023.
  • Candidates who don’t make the cut won’t be told why they weren’t selected or given a fellowship.

For Additional Information

Visit the Sakharov Fellowships 2024 website for the European Parliament.

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