Mid-Level Professionals Programme of UNESCO 2023

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Deadline:31st October 2023 | Mid-level professionals programme of UNESCO 2023

Applications are now being accepted for the Mid-level professionals programme of UNESCO 2023. The Mid-Level Professionals Programme of UNESCO 2023 (MLPP) is an initiative for hiring mid-level professionals who are talented and well qualified and who want to begin or enhance their careers as international civil servants at UNESCO.

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Below is a list of the jobs available for the MLPP 2023:

  • Paris, France: MLPP 2023_Liaison Officer (Asia and the Pacific)
  • Programme Specialist (Water Quality) MLPP 2023 – Paris, France
  • Programme Specialist (Education) MLPP 2023 – Rabat, Morocco
  • Programme Specialist (Education) MLPP 2023 – Yaounde, Cameroon
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo: MLPP 2023_Programme Specialist (Education)
  • Programme Specialist (Education) MLPP 2023 – New Delhi, India
  • Programme Specialist (Education) MLPP 2023 – Dakar, Senegal


  • A citizen of one of the UNESCO Member States is required to apply. It is particularly encouraged for qualified applicants from under- and non-represented Member States to apply.
  • The regular UNESCO hiring procedure serves as the foundation for the MLPP selection process. For professional employment at the P-3 and P-4 level, the usual educational and work experience criteria apply.
  • P-3: A minimum of 4 years, ideally 2 of which were attained at an international level. Master’s or equivalent degree from an advanced university in the pertinent subject.
  • P-4: A minimum of 7 years, with a preference for 3 years spent abroad. Master’s or equivalent degree from an advanced university in the pertinent subject.
  • Candidates must exhibit exemplary proficiency in at least one of the Secretariat’s working languages, either English or French. A strong command of the other working language is advantageous and, in some circumstances, necessary.
  • The ability to speak Arabic, Chinese, Russian, or Spanish may be advantageous or necessary.


For a period of two months, positions covered by the MLPP are advertised. Make sure you are eligible and qualified by thoroughly reviewing the requirements prior to applying. Keep in mind that all applicants must submit a complete and correct online application. Once submitted, the application cannot be changed.

Apply here by clicking

Go to the UNESCO MLPP website for further details.

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