Westerwelle Foundation Young Founders Programme 2024 in German

Deadline: Ongoing | Westerwelle Foundation Young Founders Programme 2024

About the Young Founders Programme

The Young Founders Programme is a 6-month fellowship for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging markets. It brings together leaders from all over the world, who are united in the pursuit to achieve entrepreneurial greatness.

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme is an entrepreneurship programme focused on accelerating startups from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. During the 6-month programme the startups get the chance to grow their businesses while interacting with their international mentors, matched buddies, gain practical knowledge from peers, and receive valuable resources from the expert sessions. 50 young founders from emerging markets shall be given the chance to expand their network and practical knowledge while simultaneously applying it in their fast-growing ventures.

The Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding is a nonprofit organization based in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to create equal opportunities for all by uplifting emerging markets through empowered entrepreneurship.

With years of experience in creating entrepreneurship programmes for different markets, Westerwelle Foundation is one of the leading providers with exceptional international and local expertise.

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A unique experience with a successful entrepreneur or investor, who becomes your sparring partner.

Peer Learning

Exchanges with other successful young founders of the cohort to share knowledge and support each other.

Expert Sessions

In-depth sessions on relevant topics with high-class experts.

International Community

Access to new business opportunities by being connected to programme alumni, partners and other members of the Westerwelle Foundation network.

Berlin Conference

Exposure to the Berlin Startup Ecosystem through a fully funded 5-day conference together with the other founders for the top 10 participants.

For more Information to Apply, Visit WESTERWELLE FOUNDATIONS Official website


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