International Gusi Peace Prize

The Gusi Peace Prize is one of the top awards organizations in Asia and one of the top ones globally. The Gusi Peace Prize honors the most outstanding instances of people striving for peace and respect for human life and dignity, bringing forth the greatest human accomplishments, ideals, and values.

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Examining the Gusi Peace Prize’s goals, which are based on human endeavors and exemplary achievement in relation to the primary goal of peace, as well as the secondary goals of excellence in a field that is ideally projected to the entire world and humanitarian endowment, which recognizes professional success in the humane realization of goals that directly relate to the ultimate goals of happiness and peace.Included therein is the recipient’s human behavior and character, which is typically the primary attribute that distinguishes someone deserving of praise. Given these fundamental assertions, the Gusi Peace Prize has established a set of standards that serve as the primary foundation for selecting the laureate of this particular prize.

These goals are to be equal to those of any other international society, including, in this instance, a Philippine-based organization. In order to uphold the esteemed status of these recipients, an international committee has been established to determine the standards for selecting the Gusi Peace Prize nominees.

The requirements are as follows:

All potential recipients must get the unanimous support of any organization or group of individuals who, in their heart, believe the recipient is deserving of recognition.

  • That the recipient of such an award must furnish references regarding his character in relation to his activities; that this endorsement be provided willingly, rather than at the behest of a potential recipient; and that his submission shall be duly documented with the official endorsement of the major society to which his specific calling is related.
  • That recipients who have ties to any specific foundation member will not be considered for awards unless it is established beyond a reasonable doubt that the distinction in question is unquestionable.
  • It is important to note that no awardee with a special or close link to a board of trustee member will be taken into consideration in light of criterion number 3 and for propriety reasons.
  • All potential recipients of the Gusi Peace Prize must be made aware that the recognition they get is a result of the prize’s objectives, and as such, everyone must be made aware of the specific recognition that led to their award.
  • The aforementioned standards will serve as the primary framework for the proper worldwide recognition of GusPeace Prize winners, subject to the agreement of all members of the international grouping.

Greece, the United States of America, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, and Britain make up the voting committee of twenty-one.

For More information, Visit Gusi International Prize Official Website


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