ProBleu funding CAll 2023 (Up to 10,000 euros)

Deadline: January 19th , 2024 | ProBleu funding call 2023 (Up to 10,000 euros)

What are the ProBleu calls?

Schools are to take the lead in educating children about the need to safeguard freshwater and oceans through ProBleu funding. ProBleu will provide funding for innovative initiatives to at least 100 schools over the course of three years. Up to 10,000 euros can be awarded to schools for up to a year-long project. Together, let’s strive for a bluer, greener future!
The ProBleu financing project helps elementary and secondary schools fulfill their vital role as leaders in educating the public about blue sustainability and the preservation of freshwater and marine environments. ProBleu will make a number of calls available on its website over the course of three years, providing funding to enable at least 100 schools to develop a variety of instructional and citizen science initiatives.

Academic institutions are encouraged to apply for funding of up to 10,000 euros to finance 11-month projects. Come along on this voyage with us, motivated by the wonders of our blue world, towards a more promising and sustainable future.

Important language notes

  • All application components must be completed in English by candidates. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable speaking English! Your application can be written in your native tongue and then automatically translated into English using translation software. Just keep in mind that meeting the assessment criteria and adhering to the call standards are more important to us than flawless English when it comes to the ProBleu evaluation procedure.
  • Although content can be automatically translated into over 100 languages using our online application form and project description template, please note that accuracy may not always be guaranteed. ProBleu bears no responsibility for any misconceptions that may arise. The legitimate and legally-binding material will always be the original English content that ProBleu provides.

Who is eligible to take part?

Primary and secondary schools in the EU-27 Member States as well as other affiliated nations are welcome to apply for this initiative. Check the call bases to determine if your nation is included.

Although schools are the formal recipients of the grants, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders are also encouraged to actively participate.

Initiatives ought to encourage interest in Blue Sustainability subjects, encourage cooperation between different stakeholders, look for ways to collaborate with other educational institutions, and guarantee fairness for all those involved.

To Apply As a school and For more information, Visit PROBLEU Official website | ProBleu funding Call 2023


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