IBM – Information Technology Graduate Program 2024

Deadline: unspecified | IBM – Information Technology Graduate program 2024


At IBM, working is a calling—to build—rather than just a job. to create. to confer. to sell while keeping clients’ needs in mind. to create markets. to create. to work together. Not merely to improve upon what you already accomplished, but to take on challenges you never would have imagined. Are you prepared to take the reins in this new technological era and tackle some of the most difficult issues facing humanity?

Your Position and Accountabilities

  • You comprehend the business needs, technical needs, and/or competitive environment of the client as a Technical or Technical Sales Graduate.
  • You use business insights, establish and nurture relationships with clients, integrate IBM Data & AI portfolio into solutions that are valuable to clients, and make sure clients are prepared for the technical solutions to be implemented.
  • Recognize the technical and business requirements of the client,
  • Utilize deep product expertise, competitive awareness, and industry-specific knowledge and experience to help assigned clients gain new business and technological insights.
  • You need to be driven to close deals, self-motivated and prepared to deal with clients, coworkers, and business associates on a daily basis.
  • Create assets and demos that are industry-specific and reusable.
  • Work together with other IBM teams inside the company to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Continue to be knowledgeable with the client’s industry, including its business procedures and trends.
  • Work together with IBM sales teams to specify, plan, and elaborate on the technical features and viability of suggested solutions.
  • shown degree of commercial acumen in relation to the client’s enterprise
  • knowledgeable of IBM’s capabilities and the demands of the client, with a strong consultative selling approach
  • capable of supporting end-to-end sales engagements and possessing a strong business sense as well as the ability to plan, organize, and execute strategically.
  • extensive interpersonal and networking abilities in challenging situations
  • self-starter who is keen to learn and develop new abilities

Necessary Professional and Technical Experience

Minimum specifications:

Information systems or computer science bachelor’s degree with honors

  • Coding expertise
  • fundamental familiarity with the cloud, Java, Python, Eclipse, and Ansible
  • zeal for using technology to develop solutions for the entire company
  • proficiency with the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software suite.
  • outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Thinking Analytically
  • Time-bound and outcome-oriented
  • Keep a cheerful disposition and deliver excellent customer service.
  • the capacity to work autonomously and finish jobs
  • Capacity to multitask Act as a leader and make decisions
  • the ability to develop HR content meticulously and on schedule
  • Recognize and uphold integrity and secrecy
  • Constant learning requires both a willing to learn and a curious mind.
  • A philosophy of cooperation and teamwork

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