The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

In April 2018, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) was introduced to assist businesses in utilizing technology to improve their operations.

In order to increase efficiency, it offers financial support to business owners who purchase equipment, pre-scoped IT solutions, and consulting services. These solutions correspond with industry roadmaps, including Industry Digital Plans (IDPs) and Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs).

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Businesses that fit the following requirements may apply for PSG:
  • Operating and registering in Singapore
  • IT systems, equipment, and consultation services must be used in Singapore through purchase, leasing, or subscription.
  • (Only for specific solutions) hold at least 30% of the shares locally
  • (Only applicable to consulting service solutions) Provide a minimum of three local workers at the application place.

How can I submit and apply for PSG claims?
Four actions:

View the list of viable solutions that are approved for your industry and choose the ones that best fit your demands as a business.

  • Regarding IT solutions: Request a quote from the pre-approved supplier.
  • Regarding Equipment: Find the equipment and ask the seller for a quote.
  • Regarding Consultancy Services: Ask the pre-approved consultant for a quote.

Fill out the Business Grants Portal application (BGP).
To transact on the site, you must create a Corppass account.

Before the claim deadline, submit your grant claim via the BGP.

Take note:

The maximum support level is 50% for all industries starting on April 1, 2023. Please go to the FAQ for further information.

The collaborating government entities do not advise or promote anything based on this listing. Businesses are encouraged to undertake due diligence before hiring vendors and to refrain from giving them access to Corppass in order to submit grant applications or claims.

PSG solution types

  • Sector-specific remedies Only businesses operating within the corresponding industries are eligible for sector-specific solutions. Sector-leading agencies have carefully selected these solutions, which are in line with industry roadmaps including Industry Digital Plans (IDPs) and Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs).
  • Typical remediesAll businesses, regardless of their industry or business area, can use generic solutions. The goal of solutions is to increase an organization’s productivity in handling routine business operations and procedures.

For more Information, Visit The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) official website


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