Auburn University Merrit Scholarships

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Auburn University Merrit Scholarships

Scholarships awarded on the basis of competitive merit are renewed every four years. In order to be considered, first-year students must enroll in the summer or fall right after graduating from high school.


Automatic consideration is given to first-year students who are accepted for admission by early February. It is not necessary to apply for a scholarship.
The GPA and results of standardized tests from high school are taken into account. Check the Applicant Portal to confirm that Auburn has received your most recent academic records. Auburn will take the Superscore Report from ACT.

In addition, Auburn will compute a superscore for the SAT and any ACT individual score reports. For scholarship consideration, only your best test score will be taken into account. Auburn must get updated highest scores by January 10. Results obtained beyond this cutoff date will not be examined for competitive merit scholarships.


Competitive scholarships are given out. An award is not guaranteed by consideration. Every incoming class faces competition from within.

The amount of money available, the number of eligible applications admitted, and the applicants’ qualifications all go into determining the actual grants.

Students in their first year who were admitted earlier have a higher chance of winning an award.
In mid-November, mid-December, and mid-February, scholarships are given out.

Notifications are sent to the recipients via physical mail at their permanent address and email at Auburn email accounts.

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