Applications Invited for Asian Cultural Council Organization Grant Program

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Deadline: 30 Nov 2023 | Applications Invited for Asian Cultural Council Organization Grant Program

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About the Organization

A nonprofit organization called the Asian Cultural Council offers artists, academics, and professionals in the arts chances for cross-border cultural exchange between Asia and the US. In order to bring forth a more harmonious and peaceful world, ACC promotes worldwide communication, comprehension, and respect for one another.

Concerning the Grant

The Organization Grant offers assistance to groups that

  • are working on projects that will gain from research, peer-to-peer information exchange, enhanced access to creative groups or cultural resources in a particular nation, and/or cultural immersion.
  • Aim to increase regional or organizational capacity for cultural exchange programs by means of seminars, specialist training, etc.
  • Travel to certain exhibitions, conferences, or concerts is not covered by the Organization Grant. ACC anticipates that all project participants, including the organization, will have a profound cultural exchange experience.
  • Stated differently, the organization has considered the effects of their cultural exchange experience, their community, and the potential ripple effects of this experience on their larger community.


  • Need to be a recognized NGO or nonprofit
  • The organization must provide proof of five (5) years of cross-cultural programming.
  • Production costs and artist fees are not eligible for ACC financing.
  • Production-driven initiatives, such as tours, plays, and exhibitions, are not accepted.
  • Applications that include the names of specific project participants along with their biographies and samples of their work will not be taken into consideration.
  • All project participants, including those who are nationalities, must be eligible under the terms of the Organization Grant.

Travel Qualifications

  • Travel from the United States to Asia is supported by organization grants.
  • The United States to Asia
  • between Asian nations or areas

How to Apply

Applications will be taken from November 1, 2023, to November 30, 2023.

Use this form to apply.

For additional details about Applications Invited for Asian Cultural Council Organization Grant Program, kindly click the link or visit the official website

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