Cure Parkinson’s Quarterly Research Grant Funding Programme 2023

Deadline: 16th October 2023 | Cure Parkinson’s Quarterly Research Grant Funding Programme 2023

Title: Cure Parkinson’s Quarterly Research Grant Funding Programme 2023
Organisation: Cure Parkinson’s (CP).
Fund/Benefit: £2 500 000
Deadline: 16th October 2023
Eligible countries: All countries

Applications for the Quarterly Research Grant Funding Programme are encouraged by Cure Parkinson’s (CP).


This initiative primarily supports preclinical and clinical studies aimed at preventing, delaying, or reverse Parkinson’s disease. They do not support study that aims to ease symptoms.

Aims of Cure Parkinson’s Quarterly Research Grant Funding Programme 2023

  • They believe that by achieving these three strategic goals, they will have the highest chance of achieving their ultimate goal of discovering a solution.
  • To collaborate with top researchers and doctors to develop a treatment
  • To serve as a global catalyst for the search for a treatment
  • To collaborate with those who have Parkinson’s to support, educate, and hasten the hunt for a cure.


  • They prioritise research that could be applied in the clinic within five years due to the urgency needed.
  • Therefore, funding and supporting potential clinical trials should be a top focus. This covers pre-clinical research to support possible trials as well as funding for the trials themselves.
  • It can also include funding any other research assisting or accelerating clinical trials and their results, such as clinical trial design, research into exploratory outcome measures, cohort definition, patient stratification, genetic data collection (such as biobanking of samples), flexible bridging support (extension funding) for trials that encounter challenges, screening libraries with suitable assays, conducting epidemiological studies, and developing new methods of treatment.
  • But Cure Parkinson’s does more than only work on clinical trials. They will take into account financing for further significant and promising (laboratory and non-clinical) studies that could result in a Parkinson’s disease cure.
  • In response to a need recognised by Cure Parkinson’s, they may occasionally publish a call for funding applications for research targeting a specific topic. The Research Committee examines such applications to the same extent.
  • More generally, the goal of slowing, stopping, or reversing Parkinson’s disease can include the potential for preventing or postponing the beginning of the disorder, while prevention and delay alone are not priority for Cure Parkinson’s: they aspire to cure people who are currently suffering from the condition.

Information on Funding and Duration

  • Projects funded by Cure Parkinson’s ranged in price from £50,000 to £2,500,000, and their durations ranged from one to three years.

How is research funded by the charity?

  • The nonprofit organisation offers financing for research projects in accordance with the contractual terms (the terms and conditions) established before the work began.
  • Funding for a certain project may come entirely from Cure Parkinson’s or may come from Cure Parkinson’s in conjunction with another source or funders.
  • Grants are only given out by Cure Parkinson’s when the charity has cleared committed funds large enough to cover the full amount of the grant. This is true regardless of whether Cure Parkinson’s is providing full or partial financing. In reality, payments are made in installments and occasionally late.
  • The award from Cure Parkinson’s is contingent upon the applicant securing a contractual commitment for the full amount of funding necessary for the project, even if Cure Parkinson’s is only contributing a portion of the funding needed for the project.
  • Work that is supported by outside funds is not funded by Cure Parkinson’s.
  • Cure Parkinson’s receives donations for charitable purposes from individuals, organisations, trusts, and businesses. No federal or state agency or organisation provides financing to Cure Parkinson’s.
  • In this regard, Cure Parkinson’s may obtain funding in accordance with match-funding agreements, wherein Cure Parkinson’s receives cash and includes them in its own funding commitment to researchers. Cure Parkinson’s match-funding agreement with VAI, worth USD 4.5 million over three years, serves as an illustration of one such arrangement.
  • The charity Cure Parkinson’s solely pays research expenses that are directly incurred by the initiative; it does not cover administrative fees or other indirect expenses.
  • The nonprofit organisation is also open to funding workshops and/or symposia on crucial Parkinson’s disease research and clinical trial-related topics. For instance, they have planned and/or financed seminars and symposia on gene therapy, neurotrophic factors, and chemical compound repurposing.


  • The majority of Cure Parkinson’s funding goes to academic or research institutions.
  • Additionally, they provide money to businesses (particularly SMEs) for crucial translational research on compounds with potential for treating Parkinson’s disease that would not normally be the company’s top priority due to funding constraints or other indication priorities.
  • Worldwide research is funded by Cure Parkinson’s.

For more information, visit Cure Parkinson’s (CP)

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