a Neal Peirce Foundation Journalism Travel Grant in the Usa

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Deadline: October 16th 2023 | A Neal Peirce Foundation Journalism Travel Grant in the USA.

The Neal Peirce Foundation offers journalism travel grants to assist under-told stories about urban solutions to improve the overall quality of life in cities and their surrounding regions.


They encourage journalists who are currently employed by news organisations as well as full-time freelancers to apply. The foundation plans to give up to seven travel grants in 2023.

Financial Details

  • Journalists can go to American locations to gather material for one or more pieces that will be published thanks to the travel funds, which can be up to $1,500.
  • The grants, which were chosen after a competitive evaluation process, pay for the travel costs involved in on-the-ground reporting.

Qualifications and Expectations

  • If they have had stories published or broadcast in the preceding three years, reporters, writers, editors, and photographers working in print, web, radio, television, and multimedia are eligible for travel grant awards.
  • Applications from people just starting their journalism careers or those from groups that are underrepresented in the news media today are especially appreciated.
  • Timing: It is anticipated that travel will take place within three months of receiving the award and that the story will be presented to the outlet within three months of the trip’s conclusion.
  • Geography: Travel must take place entirely within the United States, be local or long distance, and be accomplished by any reasonably available mode of transportation (bus, rail, air, auto, etc.).
  • Promotion: It is intended that stories created with a grant will end with a brief acknowledgment of the Peirce Foundation’s financial assistance. Grant recipients are required to spread the word about the story on social media, and they might also be asked to help the Foundation spread the word in the future about the value and accessibility of journalism travel grants.

For more information, visit the Neal Peirce Foundation for more information.

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