Small Grants American Stage Managers Association Foundation

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Deadline: October 1st 2023 | Small Grants American Stage Managers Association Foundation

The Stage Managers’ Association Foundation (SMAF) Small Grant Programme is currently accepting applications and will award grants for community activities that advance and strengthen stage management advocacy, education, and training.


Available Funding Types

  • Grants
    • The SMAF may give money to people via fiscal receivers or to 501(c) series non-profit organisations, provided that the latter’s use of the money is consistent with the SMAF’s goal.
  • Honoraria
    • In order to better the education of students or others, the SMAF may provide funding to pay honoraria to one or more people for lectures, seminars, mentorship, or other comparable activities. Such honoraria may also be set up to pay for travel, supplies, scheduling, and other necessary fees associated with participating in such activities on-site.
  • Community Giving
    • To support needs and causes relating to stage managers, the SMAF may distribute monies to specific 501(c) series tax-exempt organisations or people.

What is fundable?

  • Honoraria, travel expenses for conferences and workshops, other programmes and services.

eligibility requirements

  • 501(c) series non-profit organisations that produce or assist stage managers, as well as people, groups of individuals, or organisations supported by a 501(c) fiscal receiver.
  • Organisations in the 501(c) Series: proposals are considered from organisations whose initiatives fit with the Foundation’s objectives and financial goals. This also entails programming to promote stage managers’ professional development.

What don’t they fund?

  • They do not support: Book publishing subsidies
  • Major equipment purchases for a person or business (such as computers, projectors, and modems).
  • those people or groups who are not non-profit fiscal recipients or who are not associated with one.

For more information, visit SMAF.

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