Senior Executive Assistant Job Vacancy In Jamaica Kingston

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Date of expiration: Saturday, September 30, 2023 | Senior Executive Assistant Job Vacancy In Jamaica Kingston | The World Bank
Executive Assistant Senior

Job number: req24234

Business: World Bank

Sector: Office and Administrative Support

Level: GD

Term 3 years and 0 months.

Local hiring is the type of recruitment.

Specifically, Kingston, Jamaica

Language(s) required: English


Responsibility & Roles:

1. Role in office cooperation and leadership

In order to promote a productive workplace, the Senior Executive Assistant (SEA) provides direction, leadership, and guidance to the Administrative and Client Support (ACS) team. Assuring that the Country Management Unit (CMU) has the necessary administrative expertise to meet demand, s/he will coach and mentor more junior administrative personnel and lead them in their learning needs. Coordination of administrative tasks and country office administration. The Sr. Executive Assistant works with the Operations Manager to make sure that office support is organized, coordinated, and delivered to a high standard overall. He/she controls office communication and serves as a liaison between management and other employees. As a member of the Country Office Management Team, s/he takes part. He or she engages in staffing-related discussions and is active in the interviewing, selection, coaching, and mentoring of other administrative personnel at the CMU. Organizing the office. The Operations Manager and the Sr. Executive Assistant will collaborate closely to coordinate office administration tasks and maintenance on time.

2. assistance to the Country Director

monitoring and controlling the communication and information flow with the country director. The Senior Executive Assistant manages emails, documents, phone calls, and visitors as the initial point of contact. By bringing it to the Country Director’s attention or directing it to the proper person for information or action, s/he determines the nature, purpose, level of importance, and urgency of the specific communication and enables the right action by facilitating it. On behalf of the Country Director, s/he drafts correspondence on a variety of subjects. With total discretion and confidentiality, s/he relays, processes, and handles a variety of information, some of which is sensitive. By giving pertinent data, reports, or status updates, s/he informs others as necessary. He or she keeps track of and follows up on pertinent outstanding tasks or actions that the Country Director has asked the Leadership Team members to complete.

correspondence from the Country Director is under review and quality control for signature, feedback, decision, or action. The Senior Executive Assistant guarantees proper evaluation by the CMU and/or advisers, verifies the accuracy of background material, ensures that the format and language adhere to approved institutional norms, and may be asked to create correspondence as necessary.

coordination with high-ranking representatives of the Bank Group and the outside world. The Sr. Executive Assistant represents the Country Director on behalf of the World Bank and other organizations, acting as the first point of contact and point of contact for a wide network of contacts at the highest levels. He or she follows up on necessary steps and keeps an eye on compliance. A strong network of contacts, both inside and outside the CMU, is established and maintained by the individual.

Organizing the time of the country director by setting up appointments, meetings, and formal events. Due to the high demand on the Country Director’s time, it is crucial to have good organizational abilities and solid judgment when setting priorities and scheduling appointments, difficult meetings, and other activities. To do this, it is necessary to schedule the Country Director’s time according to company goals, decide whether the Director should participate or intervene, and choose the right number of representatives or attendees. The Senior Executive Assistant prioritizes tasks and resolves relevant disputes and conflicting demands in an efficient manner. In addition to making sure the appropriate staff members are informed, s/he monitors and follows up on issues and priorities that are important to the Director. He or she manages private and delicate information. The Sr. Executive Assistant makes ensuring that briefing materials are available for the Director to review prior to meetings and that they are timely submitted, reviewed, and followed up on.

Travel arrangements and preparations for the Country Director. When it comes to the goals and timing of the Director’s visits to clients and partners, as well as the Director’s attendance and active participation at important international conferences, media contacts, interviews, speeches, and presentations, the Sr. Executive Assistant makes sure that the proper members of the management team are consulted.

Selection Standards

  • Bachelor’s degree is the required level of education.
  • Seven years of minimum relevant experience
  • Significant and varied experience in executive-type positions that call for the capacity to perform all levels of executive office support tasks at the highest caliber.
  • Previous experience working for the World Bank or a comparable development organization will be advantageous.
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities and the capacity to communicate with a wide range of senior-level contacts.
  • A proven ability to react and handle a variety of situations with diplomacy, tact, and sound judgment.
  • Acknowledged leadership skills in the administrative and customer support groups.
  • Proven ability to establish and work in a multicultural, team-oriented atmosphere, to deliver effectively while juggling competing tasks and demands, and to function both as a team member and team leader.
  • Excellent English communication abilities, both in writing and speaking.
  • Extensive tact and judgment when managing the most private, delicate, and confidential information.
  • Outstanding abilities to plan, schedule, coordinate, and organize work and other activities both internally and outside.
  • The ability to advise and coach administrative staff, as well as appropriately train and oversee junior employees, especially those who are unfamiliar with the Bank and its operations.
  • Computer program expertise and proficiency (MS Word, Power Point, etc.).

Core Competencies of the World Bank Group

Comprehensive benefits are provided by the World Bank Group, including a retirement plan, health, life, and disability insurance, paid time off, including parental leave, and reasonable accommodations for those with impairments.

With a motivated and dedicated team, we take pride in being an equal opportunity and inclusive company that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or handicap.

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