Logistics Assistant Job Vacancy In Abuja Nigeria

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Date of expiration: Wednesday, October 4, 2023 | Logistics Assistant Job Vacancy In Abuja Nigeria | UNDP

Job Reference Number: 13738

Locations: Nigeria, Abuja

Date Posted: 9/19/2023, 12:37

Apply by 10/4/2023 at 3:59 AM

Position: Full-time

Company: UNDP

Level G5

Type of Vacancy: Fixed Term

Effectiveness is a practice area

Office: Regional Office for Africa

Contract Term: One Year with an Extension Option

High School diploma with five years of experience in the workforce

Timeline of Vacancies

2 Weeks

Mobility needed/not needed

No movement is necessary


Position Description


At UNDP, diversity, equity, and inclusion are guiding principles. We value diversity as a reflection of the variety of nations and cultures in which we work, we promote inclusion to give every employee the opportunity to contribute to our mission, and we uphold equity and fairness in all of our decisions. Increasing the participation of marginalized people is necessary if we are to “leave no one behind” in our diversity efforts. Those who consider themselves to be members of marginalized or excluded groups are highly urged to apply. Learn more about working for UNDP, including our core principles and motivational tales.

Any form of harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as discrimination are not tolerated by UNDP. As a result, exhaustive background and reference checks will be performed on all chosen individuals.

The Logistics Assistant supports the overall management of administrative services, administers and executes processes and transactions while ensuring high quality and accuracy of work, and promotes a client, quality, and results-oriented approach. He or she also facilitates and provides advice on protocol issues, such as accreditation, visa requirements, and other related matters.

To exchange information and guarantee consistent service delivery, the logistic assistant closely collaborates with the Operations, Programme, and Projects employees in the CO and other UN agencies staff.

With the greatest levels of discretion and honesty, a strong sense of duty, and good awareness of protocol and security issues, the Logistics Assistant is required to ensure the smooth delivery of services to the UNDP CO and other high-ranking UN Officials and visitors. Logistics Assistant Job Vacancy In Abuja Nigeria

responsibilities and obligations

  • help put operational strategies into action.
  • offers effective logistical support.
  • Assist CO with effective liaison support.
  • aid in providing effective document management services.
  • support for knowledge creation and sharing
  • ensures operational strategies are implemented with a focus on achieving the following outcomes:
  • complete adherence to LIN/UNDP rules, regulations, policies, and strategies in administrative activities.
  • providing information for the mapping of the CO’s administrative business operations and putting internal standard operating procedures (SOP) into practice.
  • creating work plans for the administrative team that are results-oriented.
  • assures effective logistical support with an emphasis on achieving the following outcomes:
  • Transportation service coordination, regular car maintenance, and insurance.
  • checking, certifying, updating, and maintaining the vehicle history record as well as the daily log of mileage.
  • Reporting and looking into occurrences of automobile accidents, lost belongings, and theft as soon as possible.
  • gives incoming missions, medical evacuations, conferences, workshops, and seminars logistical support;
  • interacts with national authorities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Main Department for Immigration Service & Nationality Affairs, the Airports Authority, and others to get various permissions and authorizations.
  • To maintain a seamless flow of events, closely coordinates with all Units within Operations, Program, Projects, and other UN agencies.
  • supports the CO’s effective liaison efforts with a focus on achieving the following outcomes:
  • oversees all protocol matters with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) with assistance;
  • communicates and follows up with consular and diplomatic offices for the issuing of visas;
  • Organizes the processing of residency permits and the certification of driving licenses for international staff members and their dependents.
  • aids in the quick approval of UNDP cargo and shipments of UN personnel’s personal effects;
  • communicates and follows up on all new policy circulars or updates on privileges and immunities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Main Department for Immigration & Nationality Affairs;
  • communicates with the airport authority to arrange for the necessary protocol services;
  • monitors the registration of both UNDP-owned and privately owned automobiles used by UN international staff.
  • Help with effective document management services with a focus on achieving the following outcomes:
  • drafts letters about protocol issues and advises CO and other resident and non-resident agencies on proper protocol and letter-writing standards when corresponding with the government and other external partners;
  • conducts a briefing for staff on their privileges and obligations as diplomats in Nigeria;
  • provides assistance to workers in applying for appropriate privileges and immunities granted by the host country;
  • monitors the dates on when documents and visas expire;
  • actively pursues cost recovery and makes sure that clients and projects promptly settle their accounts in exchange for the services they received.
  • supports the development and exchange of knowledge within the CO with a focus on achieving the following outcomes:
  • helps with employee training on UNDP administrative procedures
  • staff employees are briefed or debriefed on matters pertaining to their area of work.
  • dependable contributions to communities of practice and knowledge networks.

Effect of the results

The main findings have an effect on the unit’s effectiveness. The office’s capacity is strengthened by accurate information analysis and presentation, thorough research, and well-documented work, which also makes it easier for the supervisor to take further action. The results of the work and timely completion are mostly dependent on the incumbent’s initiative.

Core Competencies

Obtain Results

LEVEL 1: Plans and oversees own work, pays attention to details, and completes project on time.

Innovative Thought:

LEVEL 1: Able to take recognized risks and be open to new ideas; practical problem solver; creates improvements

Continuously learn

LEVEL 1: Asks for comments, shares expertise, is open-minded and inquisitive, and learns from mistakes.

With Agility, Adapt

LEVEL 1: Flexibility, ambiguity/uncertainty management, and changeability.

Take decisive action

LEVEL 1: Demonstrates desire and motivation, able to perform calmly in the face of difficulty, and self-assured.

Engage and collaborate

LEVEL 1: Shows empathy and understanding for people and builds strong relationships

Promote inclusion and diversity

LEVEL 1: Recognize and respect differences, be cognizant of implicit bias, and address discrimination

Technical and Cross-Functional Competencies

  • Business Administration
  • Customer Management/Client Satisfaction
  • Ability to respond quickly and correctly with a sense of urgency, offer dependable answers, and deliver results and/or solutions in a timely manner that are of high quality and that address the needs of actual consumers.
  • Contribute to the creation of the customer service strategy.
  • Beyond the urgent needs of the clients, consider opportunities to add value.
  • the capacity to foresee future demands and problems of clients.
  • Business Administration
  • Operations Administration
  • The capacity to efficiently plan, manage, and monitor the organization’s business operations in order to transform its resources into the best results.
  • understanding of related theories and processes
  • Business Strategy & Direction
  • Creative Business Thinking
  • Ability to make UNDP’s value proposition to partners and beneficiaries clear and to build service offers that react to customer needs in accordance with UNDP’s organizational aims and mandate
  • Business Administration
  • Resource Administration
  • the capacity to employ resources strategically or tactically in accordance with the ideals of accountability and honesty.
  • Business Administration
  • vehicle control
  • knowledge of fleet management policies and procedures
  • Business Strategy & Direction
  • negotiations and persuasion
  • Ability to compromise, negotiate mutually acceptable solutions, persuade others, and create “win-win” circumstances. Gain advantage in the outcome of dialogue.
  • Commercial Development
  • Internalization at the UN
  • Knowledge of the UN System and the ability to apply this knowledge to strategic and/or practical circumstances. Capability to identify, integrate, and engage in joint work.

required knowledge and expertise


  • Secondary Schooling.
  • valid driving permit.


  • five years of relevant experience in the administration of logistics.
  • have knowledge of how to use office suites like Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • possessing experience using web-based management solutions,

Language prerequisites

English proficiency and familiarity with the local language of the duty location

Female candidates who meet the requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.

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