UNHCR Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2023

Deadline: 30th September 2023 | UNHCR Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2023

Title: UNHCR Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2023
Organisation: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Fund/Benefit: Winners design will partner with UNHCR and there design will be put on tshirts.
Deadline: 30th September 2023
Eligible Countries: all countries all over the world.

The UNHCR Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2023 invites young people all over the world to contribute drawings that highlight the need of integrating refugees.


This year, the partner UNIQLO will create t-shirts from the winning designs and sell them to raise money for displaced people all across the world!

“Hope away from home” is the theme of the 2023 art competition.


  • The winning design will be chosen, and UNHCR partner UNIQLO will produce it into t-shirts that will be sold to benefit displaced persons all around the world at certain UNIQLO stores (including online stores and other venues determined by UNIQLO and UNHCR). UNIQLO alone shall choose the commercial terms and circumstances pertaining to the best design creations, including but not limited to sales territories, product categories, sizes, prices, or release dates.
  • The UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, will give you special awards and treats if you make it to the finals. Regardless of the uniqueness of the design you submitted, if a comparable design is already publicly accessible outside UNIQLO stores or any other channels, UNHCR may withdraw rewards and/or stop selling t-shirts with the winning design without prior notice.
  • Transfer of the rights to your design
  • The rights to your design, including all intellectual property rights, including the right to represent, reproduce, alter, and adapt the designs for use in any medium, are being transferred to UNHCR when you enter this contest. You also undertake not to assert any moral or intellectual rights against UNHCR and UNIQLO. The design or any portion of it may be used, exploited, modified, published, or merchandised at the discretion of UNHCR and UNIQLO.
  • If you win the competition, UNHCR or UNIQLO may, if they so choose, ask you to sign a separate agreement confirming the transfer of all design rights to UNHCR. If so, you will be required to do so by the deadline set by UNHCR or UNIQLO. Your parent or legal guardian must sign the assignment form on your behalf if you are a minor under the laws of the country in which you reside.
  • Failure to sign and submit the assignment form will not prevent UNHCR from acquiring the rights to the design from the winner or entrant.

Your Creation

  • You are not permitted to use the design or any portion of it for any other reason than contest entry, including but not limited to using the design in other design contests, publishing the design in a body of work, or creating products using the design.
  • In cases where you are and/or were deemed to have violated the terms of this contest or another similar contest, abused or meddled with the operation of another condition or of another similar contest, provided false information, or for any other reason that UNHCR deems inappropriate to accept an entry, UNHCR has the absolute right to reject, exclude, or disqualify any entry without prior notice.
  • You must make sure the following: the design you submitted is entirely your original work and has never been used, published in whatever forms for commercial or non-commercial purposes; your submission was not made in someone else’s name or with false information; and you have not entered into an agreement with a third party that violates or breaches any of the terms of this contest or other terms related to the contest that may be outlined from time to time by UNHCR and UNIQLO. Until UNHCR posts the winning design on their website, the design hasn’t been published (at least).
  • You are solely responsible for the design, whether it was done by hand or with computer software. Artificial intelligence may not be used to generate any portions of your drawing.


  • You may enter this competition if you are between the ages of 10 and 30. You are deemed to have acknowledged and agreed with the contest’s terms and instructions when you submit an entry.
  • You will be deemed to have obtained consent/permission from your parent or guardian before submitting your design for the competition if you are a minor under the laws of the country where you now reside.
  • Contest administrators and anybody professionally associated with this contest are prohibited from participating.

For more information, visit UNHCR for additional details.

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