Economist Officer- P4(Evergreen) Job Vacancy (undetermined)

Ongoing deadline | Economist Officer- P4(Evergreen) Job Vacancy (undetermined) | UNHCR

Application Request: Economist Officer, P4

Locations: Numerous


Why should you come along?

The UNHCR, or UN Agency for Refugees, is in charge of defending those who are compelled to leave war and persecution throughout the world by offering life-saving relief including housing, food, and water to secure their fundamental rights, safety, and dignity. We ceaselessly seek to improve the lives of the 89.3 million forcibly displaced people around the world, with 18,879 women and men working in 137 nations.

Our committed and qualified staff members operate around the clock in a variety of capacities, such as legal defense, social services, government relations, and health. Our staff members are proud to work for UNHCR and committed to having a positive effect despite the difficulties they occasionally confront.

How can you influence things?

In order to fulfill the Global Compact for Refugees (GCR) objectives 1 and 2—reduce pressure on host countries and increase refugee self-reliance—the Senior Economist is the designated focal point for DRS’s economic research and strategic support. In particular, the Senior Economist will contribute significantly to the metrics used to gauge the effectiveness of the Global Compact for Refugees, focusing on the percentage of refugees who reside in the host nation below the national poverty line. The reporting lines will vary depending on where the Senior Economist is based. It will map to the DRS Partnership Analytics Research and Knowledge Management (PARK) division if it is based in the corporate headquarters. If stationed in a country or multi-country office, the incumbent will answer to the Head of Sub-Office, Senior Operations Officer, or the Representative or Deputy Representative Programme. DRS PARK offers functional supervision and counseling in every situation, as well as technical functional clearance of applicants and technical monitoring of economics products. In addition to Senior Management, the Senior Economist will collaborate closely with colleagues in the Program and Protection department, the Global Data Service, and DIMAs on the operation as well as with key Bureaux and technical unit external stakeholders and development organizations, such as the World Bank, governmental organizations, national statistical agencies, and other operational partners.

Important obligations and duties:

Project Administration

  • In coordination with the National Bureau of Statistics and the World Bank Country Economist, lead the design and implementation of assessments and other data-driven products related to the socioeconomic welfare of refugees, forcibly displaced people, and host communities. Forcibly displaced people will be included in the national poverty assessment.
  • successfully oversee all collaborations and tasks involved in gathering comparable socioeconomic (poverty) data on forcefully displaced people.
  • Develop and advance a vision for the use of socioeconomic data, especially in planning, programming, and advocacy at the national, regional, and corporate levels.
  • Keep abreast on the literature’s current state on poverty analysis for forcibly displaced people.
  • Control data collecting efforts as necessary. This could happen throughout the whole data collection process, including preparation, survey design, sampling, oversight, quality assurance, and onsite data collection.
  • Using econometric software (R, Stata), analyze data.

Information Gathering and Analysis

  • Create final datasets from the combined raw primary and secondary data for analysis as necessary. This calls for the creation and fusion of numerous data sources, as well as the potential need to develop matching algorithms, collaborate with field personnel for further details, and carry out manual matching.
  • Create all essential indicators and clean up all datasets. Develop a thorough plan for data analysis with the research team, and implement the coding to carry it out. For a variety of outputs, such as briefs, presentations, and academic papers, common analytical tasks include the creation of descriptive statistics and regression analysis.
  • Help create protocols and program the instrument for each field survey to ensure high-quality data.
  • Prepare pertinent datasets for archival in the UNHCR Microdata Library by properly documenting them.
  • Oversee the formatting, creation of tables, graphs, and related analyses for research publications.
  • As necessary, involve the government, partners, and country operation in the planning and execution of data collection and research programs.


  • Make sure there is effective communication and coordination between the country team members, the governments, the researchers, and the partners, acting as a bridge between these parties.
  • Write presentations, analytical reports, research, and policy briefs under your direction.
  • offer capacity-building and training programs for partners and governments while taking part in official missions.
  • Discovering research opportunities and adding to funding and partnership proposals.
  • Relate the protection, resiliency, and solutions for refugees with medium-term economic and social development programs, reflecting UNHCR stances on policy, advocacy, and programmatic problems.
  • Represent UNHCR in discussions and meetings about socioeconomic profiling of internally displaced people and research with larger partners in the country.
  • represent UNHCR to outside parties in a technical capacity.

Who are we trying to find?

  • Candidates with an undergraduate degree and nine years of relevant experience, a graduate degree and eight years of relevant experience, or a doctorate degree and seven years of relevant experience.


  • 7 or more years of relevant professional experience in research, data analysis, and economics.
  • knowledge of the procedures used by the World Bank, the African Development Bank, or other international financial institutions, as well as any bilateral development organizations or research organizations.
  • demonstrated knowledge and expertise in using socioeconomic profiling to gauge welfare. Outstanding intellectual and analytical abilities, as well as a track record of creating tools or procedures to ensure responsible and informed decision-making.
  • the capacity to oversee and manage teams.
  • Possessing the ability to research, use, and put into effect innovative notions.
  • able to multitask and oversee multiple projects/programs simultaneously.


working knowledge of the private sector. Applied development economics job experience. understanding of poverty modeling. leadership experience in primary data collecting and analysis. working knowledge of the relationship between humanitarianism and development. It is desirable to have a strong relevant publishing history in economic journals.

All qualified candidates are urged to apply, without regard to their race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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