Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer Job Vacancy

Date of expiration: Thursday, September 28, 2023 | Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer Job Vacancy | Nairobi | OCHA

Assignment title description: Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer

Kenya was the country assigned.

Beginning on or about November 1, 2023

Partnerships for the goals, Sustainable Development Goal 17

International UN University Volunteer is a type of volunteer

Entity hosting: UNOCHA

Form: On-site

Timeframe: six months

One assignment was made.

Kenyan duty stations



Objectives and the mission

The goal and mission of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) are as follows: The purpose of OCHA is to mobilize and coordinate effective and moral humanitarian action in collaboration with domestic and international players to lessen suffering during emergencies and disasters.

mission statement

  • The UN University Volunteer will carry out the following duties directly under the direction of the Humanitarian Affairs Officer:
  • Support the development of pertinent products, such as contingency plans, the Humanitarian Programme Cycle, flash updates, humanitarian financing (e.g., CERF), etc., both locally and remotely. This includes supporting frontline surge and coordinated humanitarian operational preparation for and response to emergencies in the region.
  • Contributes to the reporting and analysis of humanitarian developments, emergency situations, or disaster relief/management in the designated regions of Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • assist in maintaining accurate country profiles, communicate with the Resident Coordinator’s Office coordination specialist for the assigned nations, and draw attention to any pressing matters so they can be included in the daily operational update.
  • helps with the creation of analytical notes to help with operational and readiness work in the region and to better understand political and conflict dynamics in the region.
  • supports CMCoord and training for developing nations and/or regional training centers.
  • supports the escalation of ongoing emergencies, surge responses to emerging emergencies, and/or the filling of crucial gaps.
  • maintains connections with important counterparts in the regions and countries for which you are responsible.
  • supports the input of data into any necessary country- or theme-related reports or documents, such as snapshots, outlooks, sitreps, etc.
  • helps in the creation of regional requests for international aid, such as Humanitarian Needs Overviews, Humanitarian Response Plans, and Flash Appeals.
  • assists in planning and taking part in meetings, conferences, and consultations with other organizations and partners on issues pertaining to humanitarian aid and emergency relief in the area.

eligibility requirements

Age: 18 – 26

Additional qualifications


The candidate must be a national of a nation other than the one in which they will be assigned.


necessary expertise

  • No prior experience needed

Particular expertise

  • Developmental initiatives
  • a driving permit


English fluency level: Required

required level of education

in secondary school

values and abilities

Accountability Flexibility and Adaptability Developing Client Orientation Continual Learning Commitment: Commitment and Motivation Values and Ethics in Communication Integrity Professionalism Planning and Organizing Considering Diversity Technological Intelligence Being a Team Player

Further details

inclusiveness claim

Professionals with the necessary qualifications are encouraged to apply to United Nations Volunteers, which is an equal opportunity initiative. We are dedicated to achieving gender diversity and protected features. All UN Volunteers pledge to uphold the UNV’s core values, which include combating all forms of discrimination and fostering respect for human rights and individual dignity, regardless of a person’s race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin, or other status.

Note regarding the need for Covid-19 vaccinations

In accordance with the applicable host entity policy, selected applicants for several occupational groups may be required to undergo immunization (vaccination) requirements, including those for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

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