Associate Economist Job Vacancy In Dhaka Bangladesh

25th September is the closing date | Associate Economist Job Vacancy In Dhaka Bangladesh | UNHCR



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Professional National Officer


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25 September 2023

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Economist, Associate

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Associate Economist Job Vacancy In Dhaka Bangladesh



Project Administration

  • Support evaluations and other data-driven products relevant to the socioeconomic welfare of refugees, forcibly displaced people, and host communities in their creation and implementation.
  • Promote coordination across partners and initiatives for the gathering of comparable socioeconomic (poverty) statistics on displaced people.
  • As necessary, support data collection efforts. This could happen throughout the whole data collection process, including preparation, survey design, sampling, oversight, quality assurance, and onsite data collection.
  • Support econometric software (R, Stata) for data analysis.

Information Gathering and Analysis

  • As needed, combine raw primary and secondary datasets into final datasets for analysis. This calls for the creation and fusion of numerous data sources, as well as the potential need to develop matching algorithms, collaborate with field personnel for further details, and carry out manual matching.
  • If necessary, offer secondary data analysis.
  • Clear datasets and assistance with the development of essential indicators.
  • Assist in instrument programming and support protocol development for any field survey to assure high-quality data.
  • Create and catalog pertinent datasets for UNHCR Microdata Library archiving.
  • Assist in structuring and producing tables, graphs, and associated analysis for research papers.
  • Participate in the planning and execution of data collecting and research projects with country operations, partners, and the government as necessary.


  • Act as a liaison between members of the national team, governments, researchers, and partners to encourage effective communication and cooperation.
  • Assist in the drafting and writing of policy papers, research reports, and analytical presentations.
  • Locate potential areas for study and contribute to funding and collaboration ideas.
  • Assist with the creation of reports on data collecting and analysis accomplishments.
  • Carry out any other necessary relevant tasks.

Minimum Requirements

  • Professional work experience and education
  • Years of Experience/Level of Education
  • For P2/NOB, the minimum required experience is three years with an undergraduate degree, two years with a graduate degree, or one year with a doctorate degree.
  • Field(s) of Study
  • Economic, statistical, and global business
  • (Educational areas highlighted by an asterisk (*) are required.)
  • Licenses and/or Certificates
  • not defined
  • (Licenses and certificates denoted by an asterisk* are required.)
  • Relevant Work History


  • a minimum of three (3) years of expertise in economics, data analysis, and/or research.


knowledge of the procedures used by the World Bank, the African Development Bank, or other international financial institutions, as well as any bilateral development organizations or research organizations. knowledge of development and displacement issues. working knowledge of the private sector. Applied development economics job experience. understanding of poverty modeling. leadership experience in primary data collecting and analysis. working knowledge of the relationship between humanitarianism and development. demonstrated knowledge and expertise in using socioeconomic profiling to gauge welfare. huge dataset analysis experience that has been demonstrated. shown proficiency in the use of the appropriate statistical software (R, Stata). the capacity to operate autonomously with little supervision and produce items of high quality. Ability to think creatively and to investigate, use, and transform novel thoughts into useful practical techniques for advocacy, policy, and programming. Ability to think creatively and to investigate, use, and transform novel thoughts into useful practical techniques for advocacy, policy, and programming.

Adaptive Skills

  • Documentation and Co-Drafting
  • SO-Networking
  • Project Management Group
  • Modeling and statistical software from EC
  • DM-Data Analysis and Gathering
  • Statistic Analysis in IM
  • (Skills denoted with an asterisk (*) are crucial.)

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency and, if necessary, the UN working language of the duty station are requirements for positions in international professional and field service.
  • If English is not the local language, proficiency in the UN working language of the duty station is required for national professional positions.
  • Knowledge of English and/or the UN working language of the duty station if English is not required for General Service positions.

Profile of the ideal candidate

  • By developing operational analytics, collaborating with analytical partnerships, and producing evidence for advocacy, the Associate Economist will support the Bangladesh Country Operation. The improvement of statistics on refugee populations’ general quality and consistency is a driving principle. This calls for the capacity to cooperate and work well with various technical departments and to lead field trips as needed. The Associate Economist is expected to engage with a range of internal and external stakeholders in the design, implementation, and analysis of a variety of knowledge products related to refugee welfare and socio-economic profiling while working under the supervision of the Senior Development Officer in Dhaka and functionally reporting to the Senior Economist based in Geneva. Coordination of the collection, curation, analysis, and operationalization of a panel dataset in partnership with external research partners is particularly pertinent to this function.
  • The Associate Economist is required to cooperate with technical units on study design, offer guidance on sample techniques, assist with data collecting, and contribute during the analysis and reporting phases. The Associate Economist may do analytical work on the core policy areas of UNHCR or on particular subject areas in addition to assisting technical units.
  • Curating and/or producing comparable socioeconomic statistics on Rohingya refugees and their close host communities that can be used in planning, programming, and advocacy initiatives is a crucial part of the position.
  • The Associate Economist is anticipated to serve as the main point of contact for all parties involved, including academic research partners, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and other interested agencies. The individual will be in charge of coordinating UNHCR’s involvement in various forums and platforms, including coordination groups with the UN country team, as well as the connection of external partners with pertinent UNHCR colleagues and teams.
  • at least three years’ worth of expertise in research, data analysis, and economics. knowledge of the procedures used by the World Bank, the African Development Bank, or other international financial institutions, as well as any bilateral development organizations or research organizations.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh and speak Bangla and English well.
  • As part of the selection process, shortlisted candidates will participate in a functional assessment exercise.

Additional Requirements


  • Documentation and CO-Drafting Data Analysis and Gathering, software from EC-Statistical and Modeling, Analysis of IM-Statistics, Project Management Group, SO-Networking


  • Statistics and Economics both require master’s degrees (MA).
  • Certifications
  • Experience at Work
  • Salary Calculator for UNHCR

Further details

Only those who have been shortlisted will be called for the assessment exercises, which may involve written/technical examinations and/or interviews, depending on the needs of the post.

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