Childhood Information Processing Champions Competition Chad

Deadline 30th October 2023 | Childhood Information Processing Champions Competition Chad

A journalism contest called Childhood Information Processing Champions Competition Chad was organised by HAMA and UNICEF. Both male and female journalists from Chad who have a Professional Journalist Identity Card are eligible to enter this competition.

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In order to ensure the freedom of speech, the press, and communication in Chad, the High Authority for Media and Audiovisual (HAMA), an independent administrative body, must control certain information and communication-related activities. As a result, it has authority over all national media, whether they are private or public.

“Ensuring the protection of children and adolescents and respect for the dignity of the person in the programmes made available to the public” is one of HAMA’s many missions. In order to achieve this, HAMA is tasked with keeping an eye on programmes to ensure that no written or audiovisual press service provides minors with access to material that could affect their physical, mental, or moral development.

In line with this approach, HAMA and UNICEF have run a programme called Promoting and Protecting Children in the Media/Media Monitoring on Childhood Themes since 2015. This collaboration affects the entire national press and spans various topics.

Programme Goals

Make sure that editorial staff and journalists widely publicise the Ethical Charter and the Educational Guide for the protection of children in the media in Chad.
monitor the media for all childhood-related topics and work to influence the press and journalists to support children’s rights.


  • To promote ownership of the causes defended by the government and its partners regarding children, encourage excellence in journalism, recognise the media’s role in promoting children’s rights, and generate media interest in the treatment of childhood-related themes.

Editorial categories and Genres

  • Reporting is the only editorial genre accepted for this competition.
  • The following four (4) categories will be chosen and honoured:
  • Radio (in French or Arabic, 1 to 3 minutes)
  • (Television, in French or Arabic, for 1 to 4 minutes)
  • (3,000–4,500 characters, in French or Arabic) Written Press
  • Newspapers published online (between 3,000 and 4,500 characters, in French or Arabic).

Competitive Prize

  • Each of the four aforementioned categories will only have one winner.
  • Each winner will get a certificate, a trophy, and a cheque, the amount of which will be decided by the organising committee.

Visit the High Authority for Media and Audiovisual (HAMA) website for further details.

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