Awareness for Free Elections and Civic Voter Education in Liberia

Deadline: 22nd September 2023 | Awareness for Free Elections and Civic Voter Education in Liberia

The YALI Liberia Alumni Chapter is happy to announce a request for proposals from grassroots organisations interested in organising events to raise Awareness for Free Elections and Civic Voter Education in Liberia. The request is being made in partnership with YOCEL.

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They passionately believe in the importance of peaceful and informed election participation. As a result, they are attempting to support neighbourhood programmes that directly advance this goal.


  • This request for proposals’ major objective is to find grassroots organisations that can carry out effective campaigns to raise public awareness of peaceful elections and provide civic voter education at the local level. They sincerely think that the success of any democratic society depends on having informed and engaged individuals.

Focus Regions

  • One or both of the following principal areas should be the focus of proposals:
  • Violence-Free Election Awareness: Initiatives should work to inform communities about the negative effects of election-related violence and actively encourage peaceful voting.
  • Civic Voter Education: Initiatives should provide instruction and in-depth knowledge to equip citizens with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed voting decisions.

Financial Details

Each chosen concept will receive a budget of up to 15,000 Liberian dollars.

Please be aware that suggestions that are more than this won’t be evaluated.


  • Organisations must fulfil the following requirements in order to be taken into consideration:
  • Registered and active grassroots organisation in Liberia.
  • organisations have a track record of delivering community-based awareness and education initiatives successfully.
  • organisations or non-profit organisations devoted to advancing democracy, civil society, and peace.

Visit the YALI Liberia Alumni Chapter for additional details.

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