apply for the green alley award(€25 000)

Deadline: November 20th 2023 | Apply for the Green Alley Award(€25 000)

Your startup is distinctive? Great! The Landbell Group aims to help you connect with key players in the market and the startup scene and increase the visibility of your company so apply for the green alley award(€25 000). Six businesses will be chosen at random from all applicants to attend the Grand Finale in Berlin in April 2024. The committee selects five of the six finalists, and the public votes for the sixth finalist from among a predetermined number of firms. Will you be the one startup to triumph and receive the 25,000 euros in cash? If so, apply right away.

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In order to foster relationships between like-minded individuals and support startups as they move forward, Landbell Group developed Europe’s first startup prize for the Circular Economy in 2014.


The following categories must be met by startups vying for the Green Alley Award:

  • Reusing and preventing waste
  • Information about funding for digital solutions

Funding Information

  • The Green Alley Award provides a special opportunity for networking, and the most promising startup receives a prize of €25,000.


To be eligible for the Green Alley Award, participants must satisfy the requirements listed below:

  • People: Individuals and organisations coming up with their own business ideas in the industry covered in point 3 and wanting to launch a company on this basis, as well as young businesses or startups in the startup and growth period operating in the industry covered in point 3.
  • Participants who have won Green Alley Award competitions in the past are not allowed to enter.
  • By providing the relevant application materials, finalists and other competitors from prior Green Alley Award contests may reapply for the competition. Such competitors will enter the contest under the current rules, and they won’t be handled individually.
  • Countries: Only startups with a physical presence in Europe are eligible to apply because the Green Alley Award 2023 is a European business competition.
  • Projects: For the 2023 competition, only business models primarily dealing with the digital circular economy, recycling, and waste prevention that are relevant to the concept of the “circular economy” are eligible to compete.


A few conditions must be met by companies before they may apply.

  • Synopsis of your Concept
  • Business Model for a Product/Service/Technology Team
  • Targets and Milestones Financials and Customers
  • Current Situation Contact Information

For more information visit Landbell Group for additional details.

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