American Black Wellness Innovation Fund(up to $10 000)

Deadline: October 1st 2023 | American Black Wellness Innovation Fund(up to $10 000)

The American Black Wellness Innovation Fund(up to $10 000), which promotes creative, Black-led wellness projects in Black communities, is now accepting applications.

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BEAM is urging other national organisations to work with them to expand this Fund in order to further promote the general wellbeing of Black communities.

There is no national fund established to promote cutting-edge, Black-led wellness and mental health resources, despite the rising awareness of Black mental health and misery in the United States. This enormous gap is intended to be filled through the Black Wellness Innovation Fund.

Financial Details

Three grants totalling $10 000 are being given to Black-led peer support and community health initiatives that put a focus on Black people who are struggling or who have mental health issues.

Why is this money being given?

  • Peer support groups’ general operating support
  • shamanic circles
  • areas for social support
  • programmes promoting health among Black people


  • Black disability rights organisations
  • Black people are often gathered by individuals or small nonprofits for wellness circles.
  • Counsellors or qualified wellness practitioners looking for funding to support organisations that support Black people

Visit BEAM for further details.

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