RALIANCE Invites Grant Applications for US Projects to Prevent Sexual Violence

Deadline: 30th September 2023 |  RALIANCE Grants Application for Sexual Violence Prevention Projects (US)

Grant cash totaling $300,000 is available for initiatives aimed at putting a stop to sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. RALIANCE Grants Application for Sexual Violence Prevention Projects (US) is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for its 2024 grant programme. RALIANCE is a dependable advisor for organisations dedicated to creating cultures and settings that are safe, egalitarian, and respectful.

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By promoting research, influencing legislation, supporting creative programmes, and assisting leaders in creating secure workplaces and robust communities, RALIANCE makes prevention feasible every day.
The RALIANCE Grant Programme is a means of allocating fresh private financing to initiatives with a track record of reducing sexual assault. By promoting successful sexual violence prevention strategies, adding to the body of research on the topic, or developing promising practises or policies, projects will aid in the coordinated implementation of a broad initiative to change the culture. Replicable projects are those that will be funded. Projects that benefit historically underserved or marginalised systems or communities will be given priority.
Anywhere in the United States or one of its territories may be the site of a project. Promising tactics may be developed, copied, modified, or evaluated as part of funded studies. They may deal with a wide range of problems, sexual violence types, people of different ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds as long as they fall within one of the funding categories specified. Projects must be reproducible and may explore promising practises or policies.

Investment Categories

  • Organising, structural, or neighborhood-level preventative tactics
  • This category includes tactics that are intended to collaborate with organisations or systems that are interested in developing, putting into practise, or assessing new rules, regulations, or environmental enhancements that will make a place safer and, as a result, less likely for sexual assault to occur. To better understand an organization’s risks and opportunities, assessments or surveys may be carried out, model policies may be developed, practical processes tested, assessments or surveys carried out, or one or more specific approaches may be tested.
  • Funders are also interested in research and evaluation projects that add to the body of knowledge already available about sexual assault prevention. Developing model policies, testing operational procedures, conducting assessments or surveys to better understand an organization’s vulnerabilities and opportunities, offering trainings, or engaging in messaging activities that encourage organisations and systems to engage in prevention activities could all fall under this category (note that this is not a comprehensive list; it is only meant as an example).
  • Replicable projects are required.
  • Techniques for lowering the possibility that someone will sexually offend
  • In order to lessen the chance of first-time or re-offending behaviours, this category comprises ways for dealing with people who are at risk to offend, who have sexually offended, members of their support network, systems who service them, or groups with whom they engage. Projects can be created to work with children, adults, and people of any gender.
  • This could involve working with organisations or systems to help them respond appropriately to incidents that concern people’s thoughts or behaviours (note that this list is not exhaustive and is only meant as an example); accessible strategies for helping the public better understand offenders or that various treatment options are effective and/or available; and work with organisations or systems to help them understand incidents that concern people’s thoughts or behaviours.
  • Innovative programmes, practises, or policies as well as research or evaluation projects that add to the body of knowledge are of particular interest to funders.
  • Replicable projects are required.

Financial Details

  • Grant money of $300,000 is accessible.
  • Grants worth $50,000 apiece will be given out for a year.
  • The award will be used to finance projects that will take place between January 1 and December 31, 2024.


501(c)(3) groups with knowledge of addressing and/or preventing sexual violence are eligible.

Ineligibility Requirements Individuals For-profit organisations
Additional forms of non-profit organisations recognised by the IRS
for more information, go to RALIANCE for additional details.

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